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McQuay Controllers like the III chiller controller are highly user friendly devices and help in making the system very easy to use. These controls are easy to integrate into any building automation system of choice. These systems have been thoroughly tested with various BAS suppliers. They are also tested for strict compliance with and LonTalk protocols. III communication protocol options are MS/TP, IP, and LonTalk.

The III® Communication Module incorporates a III Chiller Controller into a local area network (LAN). It supports the MS/TP (EIA 485) data link layer (physical layer.) The Communication Module is a printed circuit board with a plastic enclosure that connects to the left side of the McQuay D-Net™ Module or directly to the III Chiller Controller. The Communication Module provides access to the III Chiller Controller variables and parameters via .

The Communication Module connects the III Chiller Controller to a building automation system (BAS) on a local area network. It is the interface for the exchange of objects between the network and the controller.

The 2000 controllers are available on water source heat pump s and are designed to be integrated with any BAS for centralized scheduling and management of multiple systems. The 2000 controller communicates via a LONWORKS communication network and is LONMARK 3.3 certified. This device is also compatible with products and can be integrated with the Loop Water Controller for control of cooling boilers and pumps to maintain loop water flow and th temperature of water.

II® or 2000® controllers have replaced all ® controllers and system controllers on new McQuay equipment. Although new controllers are no longer available for purchase, McQuay will continue to provide long-term support for exisitng and system controllers in the field.

They support the integration of existing products through:

Open ProtocolTM Site License and Open Protocol Master Panel

Open Protocol allows communication between most equipment and a building automation system (BAS). An Open Protocol site license is required for all Open Protocol applications. An Open Protocol Master panel interfaces between the BAS and a network of two or more controllers. An Open Protocol Master is required if you have more than one .

BACdropTM Panel

The BACdrop panel allows s to be integrated into a ® network via Ethernet provided by a third-party building automation and control network integration companies.

Loop Water Controller

The Loop Water Controller controls Mark IV controllers on water source heat pumps s in stand-alone operation.

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