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McQuay Controls like the Microtech II, 2000 and III have helped simplify the user interface and make integration a breeze for users with existing systems. Open Choices for communication protocol can give a building owner long term choices for Building automation system integration, replacement or updates of equipments and easier service support. Vision Handlers can optimize handler performance while minimizing the cost and typical problems associated with installation by the use of the factory-installed Digital Ready control devices. Digital Ready control components include limit switches, pressure transducers, actuators and sensors. End device packages are available based on the preferences of major control companies, including Alerton, Automated Logic, Honeywell, Invensys, Johnson and Siemens.

The MicroTech 2000 controllers are available on water source heat pump units and are designed to be integrated with any BAS for centralized scheduling and management of multiple . The MicroTech 2000 unit controller communicates via a LONWORKS communication network and is LONMARK 3.3 certified. This device is also compatible with MicroTech and can be integrated with the MicroTech Loop Water Controller for control of cooling boilers and pumps to maintain loop water flow and the temperature of water.

International delivers engineered, flexible solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional with reliable , knowledgeable applications expertise and responsive support.

As part of Daikin Industries, a Fortune 1000 , is the second largest conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration in the world. They have earned a worldwide reputation for providing a full line of quality and expertise to meet the demands of customers. Their representatives work with you to design that can save you money while providing optimal overall system performance and occupant comfort. The engineered flexibility of their allows you to fine tune your system to meet the specific requirements of your application. You benefit from lower installed and operating costs, high energy efficiency, quiet operation, superior indoor quality (IAQ) and low cost maintenance and service.

Since 1872, as a pioneer in the manufacture of the steam engine, International has been providing quality equipment. They continue to be at the forefront of changes in the industry, while leading the industry in environmental issues. They have been associated with quality brands the commercial market knows and trusts. Remington, Singer, HermanNelson , American Filter and Perfex have all come from .

Include Handlers Indoor, Destiny Indoor Handler 600 to 15,000 cfm, Vision Indoor Handler 900 to 100,000 cfm, Handlers Outdoor, Skyline Outdoor Handler 900 to 65,000 cfm, RoofPak Models RDS and RAH 4000 to 50,000 cfm, Cooled Chillers, Coils, Condensing Units and Condensers, , Fan Coils, PTAC Units, Rooftop , System Controller, Unit Ventilators, VAV Terminal Units, Steam and Booster Coils , 10 to 39-ton Cooled Condensing Unit, 25 to 135-ton Cooled Condensing Unit, -Cooled Condensers, Direct Drive Fluid Coolers, Magnitude Magnetic Bearing Chiller (MicroTech E), Maverick I Rooftop , MicroTech® III , MicroTech® II , MicroTech® , MicroTech® 2000 , Horizontal Fan Coils, Large Capacity Fan Coils, Vertical Fan Coils, Unit Heaters, Fan Powered Terminal Units – Parallel, Fan Powered Terminal Units – Series, Single Duct Boxes, Daikin AC : Variable Refrigerant Volume(VRV®), Dual Compressor Centrifugal Chiller 400 - 2700 Tons, Daikin Magnitude™ Frictionless Chillers, Modular Central Plant, Screw Compressor 120 - 190 Tons, Scroll Compressor 30 - 200 Tons, Single Compressor Centrifugal 200 - 1250 Tons, Templifier and Heat Recovery-Centrifugal, Templifier-Scroll, and Water Source Heat Pumps Models.

AAF- Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer and marketer of commercial conditioning and filtration and primarily for commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. The believes that it is the leading global manufacturer of filtration for non-vehicular applications and is a major participant in the global commercial heating, ventilation, conditioning, and refrigeration ("&R") market. The maintains production facilities in nine countries with sold in over 80 countries. The believes that it’s geographic and product diversification makes it less susceptible to an economic downturn in any particular market or region.

Commercial Conditioning and Refrigeration Group

International is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, sale, and service of &R equipment principally for the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets. The 's are sold primarily under the widely recognized brand name and services are marketed under the Service SM name.

The 's broad range of standard and custom and services fulfill the &R requirements of most building types and sizes and offer multiple solutions to a variety of &R needs. The markets its commercial &R equipment principally to building contractors, architects, consulting engineers, building developers, and building owners. In addition, the manufactures, sells, and services industrial refrigeration and freezing equipment under the J&E Hall brand names including J&E HallTM, Hallmark, Thermotank, and Jackstone. Principal customers for refrigeration are in the food and beverage, chemical and naval, and maritime industries. Three of the 's facilities used to produce its conditioning and refrigeration have earned ISO 9001 certification and four facilities have earned ISO 9002 certification.

The 's Commercial Conditioning and Refrigeration are divided among the following business units: chiller , applied handling , applied terminal , and industrial refrigeration.

AAF International has two principal businesses: replacement filters and environmental . Replacement filters are sold to commercial and industrial building owners, contractors, retailers for residential applications, hospitals and computer chip manufacturers for clean room applications, locomotive and conditioning original equipment manufacturers, and railroad companies. The has marketed its replacement filters under the AmericanFilter and AAF brand names since the 1920's. The environmental business has two major product areas: Pollution Control and ("APC") and Machinery Filtration and Acoustical ("MFAS") . Environmental are sold throughout the world for a wide variety of commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.

Other notable include conditioners, stables, heat pump, geothermal, filters, thermostat, heaters, rooftop units, actuators, bearing, dampers and zone dampers, defrost controller/control, gas valves, hydronic, ignition control, ignitors, motors, non programmable/programmable, pressure control, programmer control, propeller, relays, sensor, shaft, solenoid, switch, timer, transducer, transformer, wheels, zone valve, zone valve motor, All Filter Driers (Cores) , LiquidLine filter driers (Cores), suction line filter, contactors, crankcase heater, motor protector, dil (if acidic after burnout), recip. compressor‎, frame 3200 compressors‎, recipe compressor, Compressors, gas compressors and gas compressor , refrigeration compressors and conditioning compressors.

At PLUS you can find parts for all of your needs. We have components from heating, ventilation, conditioning and refrigeration makers like Trane, AAF, Carrier, Barber Coleman, York, White Rodgers, Herman Nelson and many more. Find replacement parts for water cooled chillers, cooled chillers, condensing units, Condensers, , fluid coolers, indoor and outdoor handlers, fan coils, applied packaged rooftop , vertical self contained , AAF, Herman Nelson Unit Ventilators, and Water source heat pumps.