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McQuay Actuators are devices used to convert energy into motion. They are used in many HVAC systems. The motion can be used for many purposes and can be found in many systems used in manufacturing or industrial applications. Actuators can be found in motors, pumps, switches, and valves. These devices can be driven by air and are known to be pneumatic. Apart from this there are electric and hydraulic types as well. Solenoid valves can be driven by air and electricity or by hydraulics and electricity.

BACnet VAV Actuator--Electronic OutputThis VAV Actuator can be used in control applications 2560 through 2567. The BACnet actuator has LEDs to indicate communication (yellow) and DO (Digital Output) status (green).

The RX LED will flash for data packets received by the actuator from the MS/TP network. The TX LED will flash for data packets sent by the actuator to the MS/TP network. Each DO (3 t 6) has an associated LED located above it's termination point. This LED point is on when the associated DO is commanded on, otherwise it is off. The BACnet actuator will attempt to communicate with other devices as soon as it powers up. The TX LED will start flashing as it attempts to connect and transfer data.

Mcquay International provides highly customized and ingenious solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC requirements with products made for long life, reliability, stability and ease of use. The company is a pioneer in the manufacture of the steam engine and has been a part of the heating, ventilation, Air conditioning and refrigeration industry for decades. Globally well known and widely accepted brands like Remington, Singer, Herman Nelson Company, American Air Filter and Perfex are all a part of this company. It is a part of OYL Industries and Daikin Industries, a Fortune 1000 company.

At McQuay, Open Choices for communication protocol gives users a definite benefit by making it easy to integrate smoothly with other systems like building automation systems using BACnet, LONWORKS, or Modbus. Some of the most quiet operating systems are made by this company. They are very focused on being environmentally friendly and work towards using green technology wherever possible. The company's website has a vast array of product information to aid you in all your needs. At HVACPLUS, we are a leading parts distributor for any of your HVAC requirements. For high quality parts and proactive service, feel free to browse our site or give us a call.