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Johnson Controls Inc. is improving life in the great indoors with comfortable temperatures, operating efficiency and energy savings. It is all part of an ideal building environment. Enjoy the peace of mind with Johnson Controls thermostats and thermostat accessories. They offer easy-to-install, state-of-the-art technology, unsurpassed reliability and accuracy, within a comprehensive product line. Whatever the application, the best control solutions start with Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls thermostat products are ideal solutions for single- and multi-stage applications: heat pumps, unitary roof top equipment with economizers, cabinet unit heater, perimeter heating/cooling, zoning and fan coil units.

Thermostat Accessories

Temperature Sensors Compatible with T600 and TEC series thermostats:

SEN-600-1 Remote Indoor Temperature Sensor

Remote Indoor, outdoor, and Duct Mount Temperature Sensors

The SEN-600-x Series of remote temperature sensors offers many options for remote sensing of indoor or outdoor temperatures for the T600 Series of programmable and non-programmable thermostats and the TEC2100 Metasys® system N2 networked thermostats. Additionally, a duct mount sensor is available for remote sensing of mixed air temperatures with the T600MEP or TEC2104 economizer thermostats.

TE-6363P-1 Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor

The TE 6300P Series Outdoor Air Temperature Sensors are intended to provide an input to equipment under normal operating conditions.

SEN-600-1 and SEN-600-4 Remote Indoor Temperature Sensors

The SEN-600-1 and SEN-600-4 remote sensors are designed to allow remote indoor temperature sensing in applications with the T600 Series programmable and non-programmable thermostats and the TEC2100 Metasys® system N2 networked thermostats. The SEN-600-1 and SEN-600-4 contain an integral sensor and circuitry to interface with the T600 and TEC2100 thermostats. Additionally, the SEN-600-4 has an override button and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) indicator to enable and indicate occupancy override from the remote sensor. Up to three remote sensors can be wired together for averaging.

TE-636S-1 Strap-On Temperature Sensor

The TE-63xS Series Strap-Mount Temperature Sensors are intended to provide an input to equipment under normal operating conditions.

T22, T25, T26, T28, T46, and T91 Thermostat Accessories:

Replacement Knob and Cover Kits

Replacement Knob Kit numbers KNB17A-600R, KNB20A-600R, and KNB26A-600R are designed as direct replacements for original equipment knobs.


Faceplates are available with metal or plastic covers.

Thermostat Trim Plates

Trim plate PLT231-1R is for mounting two wall thermostats such as T22, T25, T26, T58, T91 or one thermostat and one humidistat on a 3-gang electrical box. The PLT61A-600 is a similar 3-gang plate but with one cutout and a 3/8 in. hole for mounting accessory switches.

Other thermostat accessories include the following:

•TE-6361P-1 8" Duct Probe Temperature Sensor

•Pressure Transducer Sensors

DPT2650-005D-AB Duct Static Pressure Transmitter

•BACnet MS/TP - End-of-Line Terminator

MS-BACEOL-0 RS485 End-of-Line Terminator

Sensor Products

Your complete source for sensors, Johnson Controls adds built-in, state-of-the-art technology to every electrical sensor for unsurpassed reliability and accuracy. Each sensor is designed to work as part of a total control system; they complement the company’s building management system and other HVAC components, from their accurate humidity sensors to Carbon Dioxide sensors. Just like their other HVAC control products, Johnson Controls sensors are expertly engineered to reduce installation time.

Their latest temperature sensors provide efficient solutions to a wide range of temperature sensing needs. TrueRH™ Humidity Sensors deliver unprecedented accuracy using a patented circuit and calibration technique. The latest line of outdoor relative humidity transmitters from Johnson Controls includes a unique weather shield. Their Carbon Dioxide sensors are designed for demand control ventilation applications to monitor and deliver fresh air and improve indoor air quality.

Sensor categories include:




•Carbon Dioxide


•Network Sensors


Johnson Controls offers a complete line of quality thermostats. These devices go beyond the simple control of the temperature within a building and offer special features that improve comfort and reduce energy consumption and costs. The product line includes thermostats designed to offer the best performance with a variety of heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC systems. Johnson Controls also offers a number of accessories that improve the operation and appearance of the thermostat. These devices work with the T600 and TEC lines of thermostats.

Appearance Accessories

Some buyers like a little more pizzazz than the basic Johnson Controls thermostat. Property owners can upgrade the look of the thermostat with accessory faceplates, trim plates and replacement knobs. These accessory items fit the thermostat without impeding the function of the device in any way. The accessory covers are available in a number of colors and styles and can be retrofitted to existing thermostats if the room design or décor changes. Being comfortable and energy efficient has never looked so good with a stylish thermostat trimmed with accessory covers from Johnson Controls.

Remote Sensors

Remote temperature sensors are another accessory available to select lines of Johnson Control thermostats. These sensors allow temperature sampling in locations away from the thermostat. This function may be useful when the locations in the room commonly inhabited by people, change. Up to three remote temperature sensors can be connected by low-voltage wires and connected to the thermostat or controller. In this type of configuration, the thermostat averages the temperatures returned by the sensors producing a single reading for the zone or room.

Johnson Controls also offers outdoor temperature sensors. These devices work with programmable thermostats that utilize outside air as part of the heating or cooling mix. The outside sensor is critical in those applications and prevents the introduction of outside air that is either too cold or hot for comfort.

Other remote sensing products also work with programmable thermostats. For example, a remote occupancy or motion sensor tells the thermostat the room is being utilized and the temperature can be adjusted accordingly. This saves energy and reduces costs by lowering heating or cooling resource use in unoccupied rooms. Carbon dioxide sensors can sense the deadly gases and shut down the system before unhealthy levels are reached.

Where to Buy

Accessories for Johnson Control thermostats can add style and function to the basic HVAC controls. The full line of accessories can be found at The online retailer offers a complete line of HVAC components with devices for almost every heating, cooling or refrigeration need.