Buy Johnson Control Dampers - 2

Dampers are devices with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system that control the flow of air. Think of the damper as a valve within an air duct or other air moving feature. Commonly, a gate, known as the damper, fits across the duct opening. When the damper rotates to a parallel position with the duct, the air can flow past the damper and through the duct. When the damper rotates so it is perpendicular to the duct it blocks the duct and stops the airflow.

Johnson Control dampers are known for quality manufacturing standards. This helps reduce the air leakage around the damper when it is in the closed position. Some dampers are rated as "Class I" and offer very low leakage ratings. Other features include quality bearing as well as heavy damper materials for long life and low cost of long-term operations. Dampers are available in a number of sizes and shaped for round or rectangular ductwork.

Several specialized dampers are used for other than normal conditions. This includes dampers design for extreme temperature conditions. These are known as thermal dampers and include addition insulation as well as bearings and switches designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures. Another form of specialized dampers are the zone dampers. These dampers include features to balance the air flow and prevent the flow of external air into the building when the outdoor temperatures are extreme.

Another specialized damper is often required by local fire codes. The fire or safety damper is designed to prevent fire and smoke from moving through the duct system during an emergency. These types of dampers are often designed with heavy metal fixtures designed to withstand the high heat of a fire situation for a defined period of time. These dampers are often spring loaded so it will operate even if the electricity fails.

Dampers often require an actuator to work properly. The actuator converts the electrical signal from the thermostat or control unit to the mechanical movement necessary to move the damper. In many cases, the damper and actuator are sold as a combined unit. In repair situations or upgrades, it is possible the damper and actuator can be sold and installed separately.

Dampers are an integral part of the air handling system that is an integral part of any HVAC system. The HVAC system will not perform correctly if the dampers fail. The specialized safety dampers can also help prevent the spread of fires within the building. For these reasons only quality dampers such as those produced by Johnson Controls should be used in critical industrial and commercial settings such as schools, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes or office and retail facilities.