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By combining industry-leading software and technological expertise with in-depth industrial knowledge, Invensys offers customers real-time applications which can effectively control and optimize their specific processes. In a world increasingly focused on the efficient use of resources driven mainly by economic and environmental concerns, Invensys offerings allow customers to improve productivity, reduce waste and make crucial decisions based on the timeliest information. They also allow Controls customers, mainly in the domestic appliance, water heating and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industries, to improve their products’ energy efficiency and use of resources through the expertise of their engineers and their ability to supply highly engineered components.

The Invensys Group is made up of Process Systems (comprising IPS and Wonderware), Eurotherm, Rail Group and Controls. Controls designs, engineers and manufactures controls for residential and commercial buildings for comfort, safety and automation.

It is a mechanical device used for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. It is operated by a source of energy, usually in the form of an electric current, hydraulic fluid pressure or pneumatic pressure, and converts that energy into some kind of motion. There are many other types of including those on the brief list below.




• sensors

•Low Torque


Motorised is used in washing machines to divert water on the various boxes. These are known for their flexibility and can be adapted to solve custom design and constraints.

Features of motorised :

•Precise detection of position.

•Different power supply available.

•High axial torque, 40 Ncm.

•Low rotation speed, 3 RPM.

In addition to their use as , MAC Air Cylinder can be used to actuate dampers, gates, shutters, doors, etc. They are also used with diaphragm or globe type for extra shut-off capability, and on butterfly type for both extra power and longer strokes.

Model Numbers for the Mac include MAC-A61, MAC-A62, MAC-A63, MAC-A64, MAC-A65, MAC-A66, MAC-A72, MAC-A81, MAC-A84, and MAC-A89.

Another type of that manufacture is the Drayton . Parts for these types of are as follows: Drayton ma1 3 port 230v, Drayton flowshare 2 only, Drayton ta/m4 only 3-position, Drayton za3 230v no end switch, Drayton za5/679/2 only for z/v, Drayton za6 230v complete with - end switch, Drayton zva22 complete with on/off switch, Drayton ta m2 230v on/off , and Drayton ta m2a 230v on/off complete with auxiliary switch.

Building Systems' popular DuraDrive family of direct coupled now includes the DuraDrive of Mx51 linear globe with integral linkage. The includes models for two-position, floating or control of HVAC system . The new Mx51 are easy to install and ideal for new installation or replacing many oil-filled, round hydraulic . Parts include the following:

•UltraDrive Non- - 300 lb-in (MS50-H2X01)

•UltraDrive - 150 lb-in (MS50-E2X01)

•2-Position - 35, 60, and 133 lb-in (MA4X-7XXX and MA4X-7XXX-50X )

•Floating - 35, 60, and 133 lb-in (MF4X-7XX3 )

• - 35, 60, and 133 lb-in (MS4X-7XX3, MS4X-7XX3-50X, MS40-7043-MP, and MS40-7043-MP5 )

•Floating and Non- - 35 lb-in (MF40-6043, MS40-6043, and MS40-6043-5XX )

•2-Position - 150 lb-in (MA40-717X )

•Floating Non- - 70 and 133 lb-in (MF40-6083 and MF40-6153)

•Floating Non- - 300 lb-in (MF40-6343)

• Non- - 300 lb-in (MS40-634X )

• Non- - 70 and 133 lb-in (MS40-6083 and MS40-6153)

• 50 lb-in (MS40-717X )

•Floating - 150 lb-in (MF40-7173)

•Two-Position (MA40-704X, MA4X-707X, and MA4X-715X )

•Floating (MF40-704X, MF4X-707X, and MF4X-715X )

• (MS40-704X, MS4X-707X, and MS4X-715X )

The TAC- MP-5413 Hydraulic provides electronic control of dampers, , or program switches requiring the to normal position upon power interruption.

A few important features and characteristics:

• control by variable Vdc input signal and compatiblity with 2 to 15 Vdc.

•System 8000 input signals.

•Includes , fixed 3 Vdc operating span, adjustable 2 to 12 Vdc start point for paralleling or sequencing of , 10,000 O or greater input impedance.

•Damper models with linkage or base models that require separate damper or linkage.

•Durable die cast lower housing with 1/2 in. conduit opening and painted steel upper housing.

•Hydraulic comes with oil immersed motor, transducer, and pump.

For these types of , internal feedback circuitry provides positive positioning of stem in relation to control signal. With the installation of the AM-601 damper linkage, these become functionally the same as the damper listed under Damper . They also may be required for steam and hot water.