Buy gas sut off valve

Robertshaw Controls Company is recalling about 425,000 Robertshaw Valves because they present a fire hazard. If the pilot light goes out, the valve could stick in an open position, permitting to continue to flow. This can result in a explosion and fire, which could result in severe personal injury or property damage. The 7000 Series shut off that are being recalled are installed in appliances including residential space heaters, wall heaters, boilers, fireplaces, pool heaters, infrared heaters and furnaces, and commercial heating applications such as commercial cooking appliances, fryers, commercial water heaters, and poultry brooders. The recalled furnace were manufactured between February 2003 and September 2004 and have production dates beginning with code 0306 and ending with 0436. However, not all 7000 Series manufactured during the indicated timeframe are being recalled. Of particular note are model numbers containing the letters “MV.” Recalled include “MV” models that also include the letters “LP” and model numbers 7000AMV; 7000BMV; 7000BMV-S7CL; 7000MVLC; and 7000MVRCLC. All “MV” with the indicated date codes that have been converted to Liquid Propane (LP) use are also included in the recall. NOT included in the recall are model numbers 7010 and above; model numbers containing the letters “D” or “BV;”. The are not for the cylinders that are available in the kitchen but it also includes the that are used at the fireplace. So the fireplace valve and the natural are easily available at the HVAC and in the market.