Buy Carrier Outdoor Motors

Carrier outdoor motors are manufactured for use in the company's many different products and they provide heating and cooling solutions. The Air Cooled Condenser, model 09DK-034, uses Outdoor motors of 1 hp,208/230 V, 3 phase and 60 Hz. The Split System Air Cooled Condenser has 3 outdoor fans which are supported by a 1hp outdoor motor.

The combination heating/cooling unit 48DF uses outdoor fan that are thermally protected. The three phase are protected under primary single-phasing conditions. It uses a 1hp, 200-230 Volt outdoor fan motor. also provides a complete line of HVAC equipment including gas fired/electric cooling rooftop units, electric cooling rooftop units with optional electric heat, heat pump rooftop units and water source heat pump rooftop units to meet your most demanding HVAC systems requirements.

Carrier outdoor motors are a type of and are used for all kinds of Small and Medium constant volume roof top units, and Large Constant and Variable Volume roof top units like the Centurion, Weathermaker and Weathermaster series. They also support Water-Source Heat Pump roof top units like the Aquazone series. Other outdoor systems from including Small Packaged Products like the Infinity, Performance and Comfort series are also supported by outdoor motors.

Carrier’s Centurion rooftop is a new generation of rooftop unit that delivers superior efficiency. Its three independent refrigeration circuits – an industry first – allow three stages of cooling for a precise response to varying cooling requirements that will slash energy costs by 50 to 65%. Carrier’s new Centurion rooftop units use three-stage cooling to precisely respond to building load and prevent overcooling, dramatically increasing efficiency and slashing energy costs. A bonus is the Centurion’s uniquely quiet operation, contributing to the comfort of customers.

Carrier's WeatherMaker Infinity furnaces are designed to minimize both natural gas and electricity costs, for true efficiency results. When these two costs are combined, no other manufacturer has lower overall energy consumption in as many applications.

The new WeatherMaster rooftop series offers significant improvements in efficiency while maintaining replacement compatibility with existing equipment. Utilizing ’s Novation heat exchanger technology, the rooftop units provide improved condenser coil structural integrity while reducing the amount of refrigerant required, lowering maintenance and operational costs and limiting the environmental impact.

It is the largest heating and air conditioning company in the world and a big, well trusted brand name when it comes to air conditioning. Carrier makes different types of AC motors to support their various air conditioning systems. As the world's largest heating and air company, the control company manufactures various products to address the needs of the heating and air conditioning requirements. fan motors are widely used in various products and the company also makes thermostats, heat pumps, and ventilators, to name a few.

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