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Buy Carrier Indoor Motors

Carrier Indoor Motors are used in systems like the Carrier Weathermaker Infinity. These motors are largely designed for indoor comfort. The Carrier Weathermaker Infinity is an intelligent gas furnace which can sense exactly how much heating comfort you need and when you need it. As conditions change outside, the WeatherMaker Infinity continues to manage your indoor comfort with just the right amount of high and low heating capacity operation powered by the Carrier indoor motors.

Carrier's WeatherMaker Infinity furnaces use two-stage heating and variable-speed technology to increase efficiency. A patented, intelligent control continuously adjusts the system to precisely match heat delivery to changing conditions in the home, allowing for maximum time in the efficient, low-heat mode. Better combustion allows the system to make the best use of its natural gas fuel, greatly reducing the load on the fan that circulates indoor air. These features account for the Infinity's ability to achieve a high AFUE rating with very low electrical consumption. And the low-speed fan operation makes these units the quietest on the market.

Combining a WeatherMaker Infinity furnace with a Carrier air conditioner, patented Thermidistat Control humidifier and air cleaner gives consumers all the benefits of Carrier's patented ComfortHeat Technology: quiet, year-round, energy-efficient comfort; improved indoor air quality; and dramatic humidity reduction. ComfortHeat systems deliver maximum comfort with reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. The systems are up to 24 times quieter than standard systems, and can remove up to 30 times more moisture than a standard system.

The Carrier controls company offers 100 years of indoor comfort innovation and experience, and they put that expertise to work in every product that they manufacture. The Carrier 58STA/58STX model is the evolution of one of the most reliable and popular 80% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) gas furnaces on the market today. The Carrier QuieTechTM system brings about heavy noise reduction and comfort to the users. This ensures that the company's indoor motors being used internally in such systems maintain low noise levels and so in turn brings about the right type of indoor comfort.

Some Carrier indoor motors are designed specifically for Carrier and do not have conventional horsepower (hp) ratings, like the ones used in certain Carrier Split System Heat Pump Indoor Units. Indoor-fan motors are permanently lubricated, sealed bearings and come with inherent automatic-reset thermal overload protection (motors smaller than 5 hp) or manual reset calibrated circuit breakers (motors equal or larger than 5 hp).

Carrier is a well respected brand and a global name in the HVAC community when it comes to air conditioning. The company makes different types of Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. to support the variety of air conditioning systems they produce. The Carrier control company is the world's largest heating and air company and they manufacture various products to address the needs of the heating and air conditioning requirements of their customers. Carrier fan motors are an example of one of the company's motors that are widely used in different types of products. Carrier also makes Carrier thermostats, Carrier heat pumps, and Carrier ventilators, to name a few of their products.

Carrier is the pioneer in the area of indoor comfort. At HVACPLUS, we strive to provide you with the various Carrier air conditioning parts, Carrier boiler parts, Carrier evaporator coils, and Carrier motors you need. We provide you with an extensive listing of many other parts from an array of manufacturers for all your HVAC needs.


Many HVAC systems use Carrier indoor motors. The Weather Maker Infinity is the perfect example of a system that uses a Carrier indoor motor. The main purpose of these indoor motors is indoor comfort. Powered by gas, the Weather Maker Infinity can sense how much warm or cool air a home needs. By producing an adequate amount of warm or cool air, this system can keep a home comfortable.

The Weather Maker Infinity is always changing, and it changes according to the varying outside weather conditions. With the perfect heating capacity, this system provides continuous home comfort. A Carrier indoor motor is what powers the Weather Maker Infinity, and it powers a wide range of comfort systems just like the Weather Maker. The Weather Maker Infinity furnaces from Carrier use variable-speed and two-stage technology.

By using these two types of technology, Weather Maker furnaces benefit from unmatched efficiency. A special, patented control is what enables these systems to adjust continuously. The systems adjust to match changing conditions and heat delivery. An enhanced combustion system is what enables the Weather Maker Infinity to use natural gas efficiently. Many consumers choose to combine a Carrier air conditioner with a Weather Maker Infinity furnace.

By doing so, consumers can benefit from convenient comfort, enhanced indoor air quality and reduced energy costs. Comfort Heat systems from Carrier provide maximum comfort, and they provide this comfort while reducing energy costs. Many consumers choose Comfort Heat systems because they are much quieter than regular heat systems. Carrier is a very successful company, and it was a variety of actions that made the company so successful.

With well over 100 years of experience and indoor comfort innovation, it's very hard for other companies to match Carrier. Some of the best furnaces ever made were produced by Carrier. A couple of groundbreaking models from Carrier are the 58STX and 58STA models. These models offer a fuel utilization efficiency of 80 percent.

The indoor motors made by Carrier help to reduce the noise levels of furnaces made by the company. Carrier actually has many indoor motors that have been created for the sole purpose of serving Carrier's HVAC systems. When it comes to the HVAC industry, Carrier is one of the highest-ranking companies.

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