Buy Carrier Heat Pump Fan Motor

Carrier heat pump fan motors form an integral part of heat pump condenser units. The air conditioning and heat pump condensing unit has the compressor, which forms the heart of the system. It is the pump that is moving heat to the outside and bringing the refrigerant, which absorbs the heat inside of the home. Heat pumps bring heat into the homes in the winter.

Carrier heat pumps are air conditioners that can also heat. The Advanced Carrier Infinity Series heat pump offers the highest efficiency, and the Performance Series and Comfort Series heat pumps provide economical comfort—the higher the SEER and HSPF ratings, the more efficient. Plus, add a Carrier gas furnace and enjoy additional heating with "HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system", the most cost-savings system you can buy.

Take a look below at the list of Carrier Heat Pumps available:

The Infinity Series Heat Pump is the ultra high efficient heat pump built for total home comfort. Carrier's exclusive Infinity Series heat pump has two stages, operating with less power longer. They are engineered to team with an Infinity Series furnace to create an economical HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system, which saves you year-round.

The Performance Series Heat Pump is the efficient heat pump that cools and heats for year-round comfort. The Performance Heat Pump gives you year-round flexibility. The efficient cooling system, with up to a 16.5 SEER, can be reversed during colder seasons for low-cost electric heat. It's engineered to run quietly, as low as 69 dB.

The Performance Series Compact Heat Pump is a compact unit that fits tight spaces for a multiple of installation options. The small footprint of the Compact Heat Pump lets you install it as close as six inches away from your home, or place it on a roof. It was engineered with the advanced efficiency you expect from Carrier, with up to a 15.5 SEER rating.

The Comfort Series Heat Pump offers economic year-round comfort to heat and cool your home. The Comfort Heat Pump is Carrier's most inexpensive way to provide year-round home comfort. Its efficient cooling system, with up to a 16.0 SEER, reverses during cooler weather for low-cost electric heat

The Base Series Heat Pump is Carrier's most economical way to provide year-round home comfort. Its efficient cooling system, with up to 15.0 SEER, reverses during cooler weather for low-cost electric heat.

Carrier control company is the largest heating and air conditioning companies in the world. The company manufactures Carrier furnaces, Carrier heat pumps, Carrier Humidifiers, Carrier ventilators and many other HVAC products.

Carrier heat pump fan motors run mainly during the winter because the heat pump fan motor needs to run to produce heat. The Carrier heat pump fan motor, like the air conditioner fan motor, is direct drive to a propeller fan blade which pulls the air through the condenser coils. Sometimes, you will hear the heat pump unit running but the fan isn't turning. This is usually when the heat pump kicks into defrost mode in the winter and should only be a temporary occurrence; one that only happens when the heat pump unit is in that mode. Carrier condenser fan motors pull air through the condenser coils.

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Heat pump fan motors are a critical piece in the functioning of heat pump condensor units. Along with the compressor, the pump circulates heat to the outdoors and cycles the refrigerant, which absorbs heat from the home's interior. The heat pump fan motor reverses the process in winter, circulating heat inside the home.

Our Carrier heat pumps are among the best on the market. The Infinity Series, Performance Series and Comfort Series are highly efficient, and economical, with high SEER and HSPF ratings. Combined with our Carrier gas furnaces, this HVAC system offers the highest cost-savings available for homes, schools, nursing homes, office buildings, and a host of other industrial, commercial and residential structures.

Carrier heat pumps are available in the following series:

The Infinity Series is our highest-efficiency model heat pump fan motor. Its two-stage functionality provides maximum performance with the least power required. This model is best when paired with the Infinity furnace, which offers cost savings in both heating and cooling seasons with its HYBRID HEAT design.

The Performance Series offers flexibility and economy. With a 16.5 SEER rating, it cools efficiently during the hot summer months. Simply reverse the controls in the fall for inexpensive electric heat. Quiet as a whisper, the unit operates at 69 dB, so you'll never hear it cycling on and off.

If your HVAC system requires a smaller footprint, try the Performance Series Compact Heat Pump. Perfect for small areas, it can be installed no less than six inches from an exterior wall, or on a roof. The unit offers excellent efficiency for its size and has earned a SEER rating of 15.5.

The Comfort Series Heat Pump fan motor provides even better economy for heating and cooling on a tight budget. Carrier's lowest price model still has a high SEER rating of about 16.0 in the summer, and controls for the air handler can be reversed for winter heating.

The Base Series is Carrier's lowest-cost heat pumps. Again it changes from chiller to heater, depending on the season, with a simple flick of a switch. Highly efficient with a 15.0 SEER rating, it's an excellent choice for starter homes and smaller buildings where every penny counts.

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