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Buy Carrier Electric Air Conditioner Motor

Carrier Electric Air Conditioner Motor is used in a variety of Carrier air conditioners which are for residential as well as commercial applications. Apart from the whole range of air conditioners made by Carrier, they also make a high-efficiency AirV Air Conditioning system, which is specially designed for recreational vehicles. It also comes with a heating option. These Carrier systems feature a high-strength option and are made of lightweight polymer that is rust resistant. The Carrier Electric Air Conditioner Motor used in this system delivers 13,500 or 15,000 BTUs of cooling. AirSweep and AirShower features are also provided, which ensures sufficient rotation of cool, refreshing air.

The Carrier Infinity 13 packaged AC from the Infinity series offers very high energy efficiency and makes use of the Puron refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly. Carrier's Variable speed blower motor makes the system work at optimal fan speeds for a variety of conditions and at the same time improving indoor humidity and air quality. The Carrier Electric Air Conditioner Motor used in this system ensures quite and noiseless operation, which helps to improve surroundings.

The Carrier Infinity 13 packaged air conditioner is protected by a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and a five-year limited warranty on the entire unit. Extended warranties are also available. The Compressor is the heart of the cooling system, this Puron-compatible compressor is available for single- and three-phase operation for reliable, quiet, high-efficiency comfort.

Variable-speed Blower Motor allows the system to work at optimal fan speeds for a variety of conditions while improving indoor humidity and air quality. Thermostatic Expansion Valve consistently monitors refrigerant flow for peak operating conditions. High- and low-pressure switches and filter drier help protect your system. Carrier's exclusive EnviroTuff rust-proof base is made from a high-tech composite material. The sloped drain pan design improves drainage and helps inhibit mold, algae and bacterial growth.

Galvanized steel cabinet with louvered grille protects the coil against potential hazards often associated with outdoor installation such as rocks, sticks and garden equipment. All-in-one versatility with the heaviest model weighing less than 500 pounds, this system gives you the flexibility to install it on the roof when space is a concern. Optional Electric Strip Heater adds an electric-resistance heating element for those extreme outdoor conditions. Offered in a variety of sizes depending on your heating needs.

Carrier Electric Air Conditioner Motors also drive the Performance KCS series and the Performance X/Y Heat & Cool Series of Carrier room air conditioners. Performance Series Central Air Conditioner Models: 24APA7, 24APA5, is energy efficient and quiet. This series reliably keeps your home cool. When you want a reliable central air conditioner with a great mix of cooling efficiency (up to 18 SEER) and quiet operation (as low as 67 dB), you want Carrier's Performance unit. The motors are also used to drive central air conditioners like the Carrier Infinity 18, Carrier Performance 11, 12, 13 and 14, and Carrier Comfort series 10, 11 and 12.

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Regardless if it's for residential or commercial applications, the Carrier electric air conditioner motor is very useful. This motor is used in a wide range of air conditioner units that are made by Carrier. The efficient AirV air conditioning system is a top product that Carrier makes. This air conditioning unit is designed for recreational vehicles, and it normally comes with a heating option. These air conditioners from Carrier feature lightweight polymer and good strength.

The lightweight polymer that these systems are made from is resistant to rust. Inside of this air conditioning system, there is a Carrier electric air conditioner motor, and this motor is capable of delivering 13,500 up to 15,000 BTUs of cooling power. On this air conditioning system, consumers will also find the popular AirShower and AirSweep features, which guarantee refreshing, rotated airflow.

Many consumers will enjoy the Carrier Infinity 13 air conditioner, and it's covered under warranty for 10 years. Consumers choose this system because it's efficient, quiet and reliable. It offers single-phase or three-phase operation. Inside of this air conditioning system, there is a variable-speed Carrier blower motor, and this motor enables optimal fan speeds. This motor helps the air conditioner to constantly improve air quality and humidity.

The Carrier Infinity 13 also has a thermostatic expansion valve, and this valve monitors refrigerant flow, and it ensures the system is always operating at optimal efficiency. The Carrier Infinity 13 also has a galvanized steel cabinet that has a louvered grille, which protects the system's coil from potential hazards. Consumers can easily install the Carrier Infinity 13 on a rooftop. However, most consumers only install the system on their roof when there is not a lot of space to work with.

Consumers also have the option of obtaining an electric strip heater that adds electric resistance. Depending on specific heating needs, the system is available in a wide range of sizes. Many consumers choose to buy Carrier electric air conditioner motor because of its amazing efficiency. All of the Carrier electric air conditioner motors provide performance for the KCS and Heat and Cool series air conditioners.

This efficient motor can be found in the 24APA5 and 24APA7 models, which are quiet, efficient models. The reliability of products from Carrier keeps your home cool. Air conditioners motors from Carrier are also used to power the company's Infinity 18, Performance 11, 12, 13 and 14 models. Many of the products from Carrier's Comfort series have these motors in them.

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