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Buy Carrier Draft Inducer Motor

Carrier Draft Inducer Motor HC21ZE118 is a 2-Speed Draft inducer motor for the Carrier draft inducer, Bryant draft inducer, and Payne draft inducer. It is used for model numbers 330AAV, 330JAV, 331AAV, 331JAV, 333BAV, 333JAV, 58DXT, 58SUA, 58TMA, 58TUA, 58UHV, 58UXT, and 58UXV. The Carrier draft inducer motor models P/N HC21ZE124, P/N HC21ZE125, P/N 325270-761, P/N HC21ZE122, P/N HC21ZE123 are some of the other models manufactured by Carrier.

The Carrier Draft Inducer Motor, model P/N HC30GB230, is used in the Carrier draft inducer, Bryant draft inducer, or Payne draft inducer. It comes with hall effect sensor for proving operation. Features include HP 1/16, 208/230 single phase, cap 4/370, RPM 3450, CCWLE, shaft 5/16 x 3.3, ball bearing thru bolt mounting.

Draft Inducers assure positive draft when restricted boilers and furnaces, poor chimneys or negative pressures in buildings prevent proper exhaust of combustion gases. Draft inducers are built for long-lasting, trouble-free service and available in sizes and capacities to meet virtually all heating system requirements.

Whether your home or business requires horizontal or downward gas furnace systems, Carrier induced draft efficiency is available for every need. The key aspect of induced draft design is that it utilizes a special combustion air fan that reduces the amount of heated air normally lost. Carrier draft inducer motors are used in high end systems like the Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace which provides efficient, reliable indoor weather with 80% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), the WeatherMaker 8000 maximizes the energy efficiency of the entire indoor weather system.

The WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace provides the efficient, reliable indoor weather you deserve. Designed to fit all applications, the 58WAV is the upflow furnace and the 58ZAV fits downflow or horizontal installations.

The WeatherMaker 8000 is quiet and economical. Its inducer fan maximizes heat transfer and has been designed to minimize noise and vibration. The cabinet is lined with a special acoustical insulation to reduce sound levels. Carrier's advanced microprocessor precisely controls furnace operation for optimum comfort and energy efficiency. The solid construction of this furnace ensures comfort and long-lasting performance.

Some other benefits of the WeatherMaker 8000 include:

•The energy-efficient performance of the Super-S heat exchanger and the inducer fan that stretches your fuel dollar with superior heat transfer.

•Reliable efficient ignition of the burner as a result of the hot surface igniter system allowing for better use of fuel.

•Safe operation from potentially harmful fuel gases provided by an exclusive draft safeguard switch which automatically shuts down the furnace if a common vent becomes blocked.

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Carrier Draft Inducer Motor HC21ZE118 is a motor that can be used in models like the Bryant draft inducer and other similar models. The inducer can be used with 330 series models such as the 330 AAV or 330JAV models. It can also be used with other models like the 58 series in versions such as the 58TUA or 58UHV models. The 2-Speed Draft inducer is compatible with most models produced by Carrier.

The Carrier Draft Inducer Motor model P/N HC30GB230 is used in the Carrier, Bryant and Payne equipment. The sensor has the hall effect and is capable to support the operation. Features of this inducer includes a 208/230 single phase, shaft 5/16 x 3.3, cap 4/370 and a specialized ball bearing.

Draft inducers create the positive draft to counter negative forces present in the poor chimneys, boilers and furnaces to promote the proper balance of combustion gases. Draft inducers are designed for longevity; they come in many different varieties to meet specific system requirements for heating equipment.

Some businesses and homes may need a gas furnace system that is either horizontal or downward. The Carrier induced draft efficiency is designed to meet either requirement. The special combustion air fan limits the amount of heat that may escape. The Carrier Draft Inducer motors are all of the highest quality systems and featured in the Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace, which promotes efficiency and internal conditions.

The WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace is reliable in all indoor weather conditions. Designed for most uses in applications, the 58WAV is ideal for the upflow furnace. The 58ZAV is ideal for the downflow or horizontal installations.

The WeatherMaker 8000 runs smoothly and is very cost-effective. The Inducer fan optimizes the heat transfer process. It also minimizes the noise and little impact is found by the vibration. The fully-lined cabinet is insulated to limit the amount of noise coming from the unit. The advanced microprocessor uses conservative amounts of energy. The unit was engineered to have a long service life.

Additional Weather 8000 benefits are listed below:

• The Super-S heat exchanger is energy-efficient and the inducer fans lowers fuel savings costs

• The ignition component of the burner utilizes the fuel in a smart manner

• The draft safeguards against malfunctioning when the vent becomes blocked

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