Buy Carrier Condenser Fan Motors

Carrier Condenser fan motors are typically used in condenser or heat pump units. Condenser Fan motors are types of fan motors that come in single and three phase and have a vertical shaft up/down or horizontal mounting. Many models are electrically Reversible, Single or Two speed and are available with 1/10 to 1-1/2HP.

Some of the different Carrier Condenser Fan Motor models manufactured by the company are:

  • Carrier condenser fan motor P/N HC43GE208

This condenser fan motor requires 10uf 370 VAC capacitor. It is 1/3 HP, 208/230 Volt, 2.8 FLA, 825 RPM CCW with rotation Shaft 1/2" x 2.8"

  • Carrier condenser fan motor P/N HC43VL600.

This model comes with rainshield. This Carrier condenser fan motor replaces P/N HC44VL600. The HC43VL600 model comes in 1/2 horsepower and 208-230 V with a frequency of 60 and is single phase.

  • Carrier condensor fan motor P/N HD52GK230.

This is a 1HP, 208/230 Volt 3 Phase, 1140 RPM model replacing the P/N HD52GK208.

  • Carrier condensor fan motor P/N HD52AK653.

This is a 1HP, 208/230/460 Volts, 6.6/3.3 FLA, 1140 RPM model replacing HD52AK651, HD52VE400.

  • Carrier condensor fan motor P/N HD52VE214

The HD52VE214 comes with rainshield and is a 1HP, 200-230/460, three phase, 1140 RPM, ball bearing model.

Condensers are refrigeration devices that accept vaporized refrigerant from an evaporator and the compress and liquify it to be used in the system. There are generally two types of condensers, an air conditioning condenser and a refrigeration condenser. An air conditioning condenser is used to convert hot and high pressure refrigerant gas to a sub-cooled liquid. A heat exchange condenser, located in a refrigeration system, is known as a refrigeration condenser. Heating and cooling are the two main aspects of how condensers function. One of the key components of a condenser, apart from the condenser oil and compressor, is the condenser fan. Carrier condenser fans are widely used and popular for different HVAC requirements and are used for commercial as well as industrial applications.

Rooftop units have one condenser fan and motor for about every 5 tons of cooling capacity. These propeller fans are usually coupled directly to one-horsepower induction motors. The condenser motor operates in much more difficult conditions than the evaporator fan motor: vertical mounting places a thrust load on its lower bearing, the stream of hot condenser air makes it more difficult to cool the motor, and the motor is exposed to rain and snow.

Condenser fan motors on most new rooftop units come with sealed-cassette ball bearings that need no lubrication. Excessive noise, vibration, or heat at the bearing indicate that the cassette should be replaced.

Rapid on-off cycling of a condenser fan (three minutes or less) leads to poor control of the refrigeration system and can wear out the fan motor prematurely. This problem is often caused by a too-narrow deadband on the condenser fan's head-pressure controller. A healthy differential (20 to 50 pounds per square inch) between cut-in and cut-out pressure setpoints prevents rapid condenser fan cycling.

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Heat exchange condensers normally use Carrier Condenser fan motors which come in both single and three-phase, having a vertical up and down shaft or may mount horizontally. Many different models of heat pump units are available as electrically reversible units with 1/10 to 1-1/2HP and two-speed or single-speed.

The company manufactures many different models:

•Carrier Condenser Fan Motor P/N HC43VL600

This particular Carrier Condenser fan motor is a replacement for P/N HC44VL600 and includes rainshield. It is single-phase, ½ horsepower unit with a frequency of 60 and 208-230 V.

•Carrier Condenser Fan Motor P/N HD52VE214

The HD52VE214 is a ball bearing model that includes rainshied and is three-phase with 1140 RPM, 1 HP, 200-230/460.

•Carrier Condenser Fan Motor P/N HC43GE208

The HC43GE208 has a rotation shaft ½" x 2.8" and is 1/3 HP, 825 RPM CCW, 2.8 FLA, 208/230 Volt. The 10uf 370 VAC capacitor is required by this condenser fan motor to function properly.

•Carrier Condenser Fan Motor P/N HD52GK230

This model is a replacement for the P/N HD52GK208 and is 1HP, 1140 RPM, three-phase with 208/230 Volt.

•Carrier Condenser Fan Motor P/N HD52AK653

This model replaces both HD52VE400 and HD52AK651 and is 1140 RPM with 1HP, 6.6/3.3 FLA and 208/230/460 Volts.

What Are Condensers?

Condensers come in two types: refrigeration condensers and air conditioning condensers. Refrigeration condensers, also known as "heat exchange condensers," are included in refrigeration systems; Air conditioning condensers are used to convert the hot, high-pressure refrigerant gas in air conditioning units into a usable, cool liquid.

Condensers in general compress and liquify vaporized refrigerant and function as a refrigeration device to both heat and cool. The condenser fan is a key component of condensers and the most popular and widely used are Carrier condensers, which are applied by both industrial and commercial uses and meet all HVAC requirements.

Rooftop Units

Rooftop condenser fan units are exposed to a variety of rough environmental conditions, such as rain and snow, and every 5 tons of cooling capacity requires a single condenser fan and motor to cope with the conditions. The condenser fan motors are therefore sealed with non-lubrication, cassette ball bearings, and usually need replacement whenever vibration, extreme noise or heat at the ball bearing is present.

Cycling Problems

Condenser fan motors can prematurely wear out when they are set up with rapid on-off cycling of three minutes or less. A condenser fan's head-pressure controller will be found to have a narrow deadband in most cases. Rapid cycling can be prevented by using a healthy differential between pressure setpoints.

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