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Carrier Chiller Motors are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) chillers, which are basically refrigeration systems used for cooling. They are used for commercial as well as industrial applications. Carrier chillers make use of refrigerants like water, oil or other fluids. Compressing the refrigerant creates a high pressure, superheated gas which the condenser then air-cools to a warm liquid. Compressors, condensers, thermal expansion valves, and evaporators all form a part of the chiller. The refrigerant is released into the evaporator via a thermal expansion valve converting the liquid to gas. Carrier chiller motors in air conditioning systems help HVAC chillers to pump water to coils in different parts of a building.

Industrial s are typically used for manufacturing or laboratory applications. The power source, cooling capacity and compressor motor horsepower are key parameters to consider while evaluating a . The Chiller motor will need to vary accordingly to support the based on the capacity required and also based on the kind of applications it is being used in and the kind of environment. The controls company manufactures a whole range of . The Hermetic compressor motor is used in the Evergreen 19XR,XRV centrifugal s which are known for energy efficiency designed specifically for chlorine-free .

The Evergreen 19XR,XRV centrifugal s achieve energy efficiency levels using proven technology designed specifically for chlorine-free . This combination ensures the most cost-effective, reliable solution for today's comfort cooling and process cooling applications. 's Evergreen s offer the best value in high-efficiency, chlorine-free centrifugal HVAC s.

Performance Features:

•Chlorine-free HFC-134a

•Hermetic compressor motor

•Low energy consumption during part load and full load operation

•Aerodynamically contoured impeller

•Multilingual display

•Compatible with Comfort Network® (CCN) communication link

Reliability Features:

•Single-stage positive-pressure compressor

•Low voltage control circuits

•Lowest industry leakage rate

•Hermetically sealed compressor, motor, and transmission

•Automated controls may be tested before start-up

•Refrigerant-cooled, unit-mounted variable frequency drive (19XRV)

Maintenance Features:

•Password protected extensive service menu with built-in diagnostic capabilities, troubleshooting, and corrective action recommendations for preset alarms

•Alarm and alert files maintain the last 25 time and date stamped messages in memory

•Configuration data backup with non-volatile memory

•Thermistor-type temperature sensor with quick connects in each water nozzle

•Refrigerant isolation valves for in- storage (factory-installed option)

•Unit-mounted pumpout unit for storing inside the during servicing (factory-installed option)

Installation Features:

•Low voltage control circuits

•Refrigerant cooled unit mounted VFD

•Less than 0.1% leakage rate - lowest in the industry

•Compressor, motor, and transmission hermetically sealed

•Automated controls test on startup

support 's complete line of packaged air-cooled, water-cooled s, absorption and centrifugal products.

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