Buy Belimo Motor

Belimo USA offers a complete line of dampers along with their other popular product offerings like control valves and actuators. Their damper motors are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC applications. At HVAC PLUS, you can find the full line of damper motors in addition to HVAC control parts. damper motors do not need a limit switch as they are equipped with a universal clamp which is attached to the pivot axle. They have a push button disconnection and automatic shut off. In case there is a power failure, the damper motor automatically adjusts the small dampers by guiding them into closed and open oppositions.

USA invented the direct-coupled damper motor and is known for their high-end air damper actuators worldwide. They also developed an innovative solution for water applications by introducing motorized ball valves to the market. motorized valve help in water control in HVAC systems. They are outfitted with special characterizing disk and also feature full control features. These motorized ball valves produces an equal-percentage valve characteristic that help to eliminate the problem of the distorted characteristics which was common in traditional motorized valves.

The motor controls are very popular due to their superb functionality. And the motorized ball valves have added to the functionality the motor controls by precisely regulating the flow through-hole in the ball and a V-shaped opening in the characterizing disk. The flow through a control valve increases very slowly and uniformly which enhances the part-load characteristics, control stability and result in optimum energy consumption.

motorized ball valves can be found in two versions, the 2-way motorized ball valves and 3-way motorized ball valves. motors can easily meet the demands of performance control devices. damper motors are suitable for both hot and cold water applications.