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USA is one of the industry leaders regarding HVAC systems and especially air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

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Damper can be either Damper spring-return or non-spring return . Water applications include pressure-independent control ball valves, control ball valves for chilled ceilings, control ball valves, globe valve modulating systems and butterfly valves. Bus systems are not as largely developed as water and air applications, but they include parameterizing devices, Bus accessories and tools and a few specialized communication systems.


A actuator is a device used for the purpose of converting an electrical control signal to a physical motion. This physical action could mean activating a motor, a switch, a relay, a positioning drive, water or heating pumps, a flow control valve (and other types of valves) and much more. Think of the actuator as a weapon’s trigger (actually weapons use a trigger actuator for the purpose of firing); when the trigger is pressed, the actuator is put into motion and releases the physical power to fire the bullet. In this case, the actuator converts the motion of your finger pushing the trigger, into the sheer mechanical force needed to release the shot.

were always standard braking, since the company introduced the first models in 1975. Today’s can be either Damper spring-return or non-spring return air solutions.

Damper Non-Spring

The non-spring are divided into (a) rotary , and (b) full-rotation .

There are 4 actuator models that use a rotary system:

The major difference between the four is torque power, which means each actuator has a different setting. Another great difference between the four non-spring return rotary actuator is the damper size each of them possesses.

  • LM.A: The smallest LM.A produces a torque rating of 5 Nm and LM.A is perfect for of up to approximately 1m².
  • NM.A: the NM.A can go up to double that size and the of up to 2m² for the NM.A
  • SM.A: the SM.A can produce a torque power of 20 Nm, which is four times bigger than the LM.A. of up to approximately 4m² for the SM.A
  • GM : The GM can go up to a ground-braking 36 Nm torque power rating, so if you are looking for power over size, this last actuator is what you need. of up to approximately 7.2m² for the GM

A direct proportion can be set between damper space and torque rating for each actuator; by dividing the torque power rating by 5, we can find out what the approximate damper size will be.

Full-Rotation Actuator

The only full-rotation actuator available from the USA Company is the LU.A model. It provides a low torque rating of 3 Nm and is better suited for of up to approximately 0.5m² - 0.6m². The LU.A actuator has a configurable parameters system, which allows for a better control and proves to be slightly more multifunctional than the other non-spring return actuator models. Versions of this actuator include preset angle models or adjustable angle models, depending on what you plan to use it for. Of course, they offer a large array of accessories to the LU.A , such as

  • Spindle clamps ranging from 8 to 12 mm
  • Wall mountable range controller
  • An electronic angle adjuster to eliminate manually adjust
  • A positioner used for built-in mounting
  • A positioner for front-panel mounting
  • Digital position indicators for front-panel mounting
  • An angle rotation limiter

Depending on your needs, these accessories can prove vital and they are a useful addition to the actual actuator.

Damper Spring Return

Damper spring return only hold rotary , divided into four models.

  • TF: The smallest model, the TF has a torque rating of 2 Nm, a universal spindle clamp of 6 to 12 mm. iIs parameters can be set accordingly to your needs and is perfect for 0.4 m² .
  • LF: Next in line, the LF have doubled the amount of torque power that the TF can withstand: 4 Nm. The universal spindle clamp’s size ranges from 8 to 16 mm and this model is also multifunctional (its parameters can be set). The LF is fit for 0.8 m² .
  • AF: This model has 15 Nm torque power, 10-20 mm universal spindle clamp size, safety functions and they are both fit for 3 m² .
  • AFR: AFR, share a lot of features of AF, except that the AFR’s parameters cannot be set up, making it less multifunctional.

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