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Buy Barber Colman Actuators and Valves

The Barber Colman company offers a wide variety of controls, sensors, motors, thermostats, indicators, valves, alarms, and other parts that are essential for your home and commercial building projects. The company offers the very best in Barber Colman actuators and that is why they have remained on top for so many years and earned the respect of parts dealers, distributors and contractors.

The HVAC PLUS website displays an extensive list of the company's products, services, and support. All products are gathered and grouped by category, industry, and systems, along with repair and training services offered.

Barber Colman Controls

In addition to Barber Colman actuators, Barber Colman manufactures one of the best controllers in the world. Their Series 2000TM and the Series 3000TM are the most popular series of controllers.

Some products available in Series 2000TM are:

  • Multi-Loop Controllers
  • High Performance Temperature Controllers
  • Environmental Chamber Controllers
  • Humidity Controllers

Series 3000TM offers the latest temperature controllers with a user-friendly interface. Models in the 3000 series are: 3504, 3508, 3204, 3208, and 3216. If you are looking for the latest in controllers, 3216 has a range of new features like auto-tuning, universal inputs and the heating and cooling can be balanced by configuring the three outputs manually. The 3216 Barber Colman controller is perfect for commercial and industrial operations and can be used in packaging machines, chillers, and trace heating.

Motor Actuators

Barber Colman actuators are considered to be the most reliable on the market. Commercial as well as industrial users prefer Barber Colman actuators as they are highly compatible with a variety of valves. The microprocessor based control system and adjustable dead-band on Barber Colman actuators help in enhancing their performance. A user can easily set different stroke lengths on their Barber Colman actuators by simply using a pushbutton system.

The company offers a variety of Barber Colman valve, actuator, thermocouple and other sensors, temperature indicators, and temperature controls, to name just a few. They basically have everything a contractor will need in the area of building control, home control, and water control products.

Buy Barber Colman Valves

Barber Colman offers a variety of valves, like the following:

Union Valve parts

This valve can be used for cementing trucks, all kinds of manifolds and other high pressure equipment, and pipes. It is an important part for transporting oil, water, fracturing fluid and mixed fluid.

Steam valve parts

These valves features bronze body and heavy internal construction, conical 316 stainless steel disc for full fluid flow and PTFE seat for higher temperature rating.

Mixing valve

Mixing valves are designed to combine the flows of two or more inlets into a single outlet. They are extensively used in situations where specific concentrations must be combined and regulated. The most common application for mixing valves is to combine, regulate and dispense hot and cold water received from two inlets. This valve blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe outlet temperatures preventing scalding. In most cases, a temperature sensitive element is employed, which expands or contracts depending upon the temperature coming into the valve.

Diverting valve

A diverting valve receives input flow at one port, and diverts the flow to one of two output ports.

Flange valve

A flange is provided for a valve which extends in a radial direction outwardly from the valve and has a peripheral edge.

Barber Colman Actuators

An actuator is a mechanical device for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. It is operated by a source of energy, usually in the form of an electric current, hydraulic fluid pressure or pneumatic pressure, and converts that energy into some kind of motion. Some of the many Barber Colman actuators available, are:

  • EA series
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Manual valve actuators
  • Electric valve actuators
  • Pneumatic valve actuators
  • Damper
  • Valves actuators

Find all Barber Colman parts and HVAC actuators online at HVAC Plus, a one stop HVAC resource.