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To the controller market, Barber Colman is what Elvis is to music, what Pele is to soccer, and what Casablanca is to the movie industry. Their services in this field have made the Barber Colman controller one of the most sought-after HVAC components all over the world. Two of the most impressive Barber Colman controllers series are the 2000 and 3000 series, both of which contain a large array of different types of controllers.

Barber Colman Corp 2000 Series

  • Multi-loop Controllers
  • Multi-loop Programmers
  • High Performance Temperature Controllers
  • Humidity Controllers
  • Environmental Champer Controllers
  • Package Boiler Controllers
  • High Stability Controllers
  • General-Purpose Controllers

Some of these products are controlled by PID valves, while others are motorized, therefore both electrical and gas heating applications are supported. In addition, some controller models can be employed with multi-zone programming, conveying master set points to several client controllers and holding back if temperature levels stray too far from a preset value. Each Barber Colman temperature controller from these series employs universal inputs and accepts a vast range of modules and plug-ins for heating, cooling, air conditioning, refrigeration, analog retransmission and remote set-points.

Barber Colman Corp 3000 Series

The latest range of Barber Colman thermostats are equipped with state-of-the-art features which make these controllers stand out. Some of the features are listed below which makes these controllers easy to learn and use:

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Ability to Set-up Quick Start Codes
  • Automated Help System
  • An Auto-Tune Element

Other features include a set-point programmer, heater failure detection and a timer. The more advanced product versions from the Barber Colman Corp 3000 Series have even greater features. For example, the 3504 Barber Colman controller provides an Input/Output system (I/O system) that allows you to measure and control a large amount of processes, ranging from carbon potential, humidity, flow, pressure, viscosity, temperature additive dosing and many more.

Barber Colman Controller Company Recently Launched Series 7

The company recently commercialized a new Barber Colman controller series, called the Series 7. These controllers use top-of-the-line technology and have a slightly different design from the 2000 or 3000 series. The new Barber Colman controller series offers a thermocouple and RTD input and is programmable with the Soft Start Set-point technology. An improved heating and chilling control gives these new controllers an edge on both former temperature controllers from the company and on similar products from their competitors.

7SD Barber Colman Controller

Let's take a look at the successful three digit Barber Colman controller programmer from Series 7, called the 7SD. This controller is designed specifically for manufacturers who need rigid control over their HVAC systems. The NEMA 4X faceplates ignores harsh conditions, prolonging the life of the controller in humid or dusty conditions. A configurable threshold can limit output power in case the heating load changes as the process temperature increases. The 7SD model has a special feature in the fact that the Auto Comp option maintains control over the system, in all situations. For example, if a loss of sensors occurs, the Auto Comp feature will keep the current temperature percent output for the system.

Barber Colman Co Series 7 Models

The Series 7 establishes a new class of microprocessor based Barber Colman temperature controller. They offer a variety of standard features commonly found as options on the competitor's controllers. Light and compact, the Series 7 is able to perform in the most demanding applications with reliable control. NEMA 4X faceplates allows these units to be used in applications where washdowns and dust conditions exist. Series 7 controllers are easy to configure and use. Even operators without skills in temperature process control or knowledge of PID control parameters can obtain perfect control. For best results in control stability, simply:

  • wire the instrument
  • configure the setpoint and alarm thresholds
  • initiate the autotune function

On top of that, 3 new controllers emerged from the Barber Colman Controller production labs, categorized under the New Series 7. These controllers are the FKS, LDE-LME and MKS models and they present slightly improved features of the original Series 7 controllers.

The vast array of Barber Colman Controller products includes the following:

  • Globe control valves
  • Diaphragm control valves
  • Pinch control valves
  • Knife or gate control valves
  • Needle control valves
  • Butterfly control valves
  • Ball control valves
  • Plug control valves
  • Control Box
  • Governor control
  • Governor controller
  • Temperature controls
  • Process controllers
  • Controls thermocouples

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Since its inception in the 1890s, the Barber Coleman Company has gained recognition as a hub of true American innovation. The early inventions of young Howard Coleman quickly captured market share. One moment he was a precocious 17-year old inventor. Soon he teamed up with financier M.W. Barber to start this now-legendary company. By 1916, the company already employed over 500 workers.

Today, the Barber Coleman name is synonymous with quality HVAC controllers and other products. Their series 2000 and series 3000 controllers are used around the world. Now, series 7 controllers add further innovation to the Barber Coleman line.

Barber Coleman 2000 Series Controllers

The respected 2000 series includes these types of units:

Multi-loop Controllers

High Stability Controllers

Multi-loop Programmers

Environmental Champer Controllers

High Performance Temperature Controllers

Humidity Controllers

General-Purpose Controllers

Package Boiler Controllers

Some units offer the convenience of multi-zone programming. Master set-points are relayed to a variety of client controllers. Universal inputs accept many different plug-in modules for every application, including heating, cooling, refrigeration, air conditioning, and analog retransmission.

Barber Coleman 3000 Series Controllers

3000 Series controllers include advanced features like heater-failure detection. timer, and set-point programming. Some include even more advanced features. For example, the 3504 controller includes a wide-ranging input/output (I/O) system that will regulate a large number of processes, such as humidity, flow, pressure, viscosity, carbon potential, and temperature additive dosing.

Barber Coleman Series 7 Controllers

Series 7 controllers are distinguished by their "Soft Start" set-point technology. These controllers bring the temperature to the desired level in a smooth, energy-efficient manner. Series 7 controllers offer precision programmability for increased comfort and savings. Programming is easy with Series 7 controllers. Even those without extensive temperature process control experience or knowledge of PID control parameters will find these controllers easy to use.

These light, compact units include many standard features that are merely options on competitors' products. NEMA 4X faceplates allow use in the most demanding environments. Washdowns and severe dust conditions pose no threat to series 7 controllers.

Barber Coleman has now introduced the next generation of series 7 controllers. The FKS, MKS, and LDE-LME units all offer the latest upgrades and features.

HVAC Plus offers many different Barber Coleman controller products:

Globe control valves

Diaphragm control valves

Butterfly control valves

Pinch control valves

Needle control valves

Ball control valves

Knife or gate control valves

Plug control valves

Process controllers

Control boxes

Governor controllers

Temperature controls

Thermocouple controls

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