Buy Barber Coleman Control Box

Barber Coleman is a company leading the way in the manufacturing of Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning parts. With over one hundred years of experience in manufacturing HVAC controllers and control boxes, they are one of the top companies in the industry. Various types of HVAC parts are manufactured by the company, such as controls, valves, sensors, switches, dampers, and actuators. They also manufacture motors , damper motors, thermostats, indicators, thermocouples, governors, and alarms. Their full line of products are readily available to distributors, parts centers and suppliers worldwide.

Barber Coleman actuators are the frontrunners in the production of heat, ventilating and air conditioning. The latest series of their actuators have a microprocessor-based control system, deadband adjustability, and the ability to work with a variety of HVAC control valves. These state-of-the-art features make the EA Series actuators highly applicable and useful to HVAC users in all areas of their industry.

EA series actuators are renowned for their sturdiness and quality of manufacture. Designed to thrive in harsh environments, these aluminum actuators come in eight different series all available from HVAC Plus. The typical functions of the EA series actuators include:

  • Heat treat furnaces
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Water and oil cooling systems
  • Ovens

The standard EA series of actuators contains both gear driven crankshaft and hydraulic powered axial shaft actuators. They may be used with combustion air dampers and a wide variety of low, medium and high torque rotary shaft valve bodies with crankarms. They can accommodate applications requiring position to be held or returned to normal position during power interruptions. Used for two position floating and proportional electric control, these actuators are employed wherever it is desirable to move a load in either direction or to stop it at any point in the stroke. Eight base models plus variants are included in the complete product range, offering a variety of control action, motor voltage and frequency, torque, return action and optional features.

Many models are NEMA 4, UL/cUL or UL/CSA and are made to operate in heavy-duty applications in severe environments. Mechanical features include high quality die-cast aluminum housings with conduit knockouts and reliable oil immersed motors and hobbed gear trains. Most models include an auxiliary switch as standard. They are fully compatible with the range of valve bodies. Other features include:

  • Proportional actuators with built-in feedback potentiometer
  • Spring return and non spring return
  • 24Vac, 120Vac and 240Vac
  • Oil immersed gear train
  • SPDT auxiliary switch
  • Compatible with VB series valves

Barber Coleman kits are available for low, medium and high torque actuators. Parts for the EA series actuators are 51-00370-000-0-00 and 55-21370. Other popular parts include:

  • ea72
  • ea57
  • ea55
  • ea51

Barber Coleman actuators are also preferred by the commercial as well as industrial users because they are compatible with lots of different valves. Different stroke lengths can be easily set by a user with the simple pushbutton system.

Other kinds of actuators from Barber Coleman include:

  • Linear Stroke Electric Actuators

Linear stroke electric actuators, such as the CE approved MF-63000 series, mount directly on the valve body. No linkage is required for valves of 2 inch or smaller size. These are floating control units that stay in position when power is removed. The MF-63123 can be converted to full proportional control with the addition of a plug-in analog input board.

  • Rotary Stroke Box Style Actuators

Rotary stroke actuators such as the cUL approved EA series box style units are the most common form used for valves. The rotary action is converted to a linear stroke by the linkage kit. Only actuators with a 180° stroke can be used. These actuators must be coupled to a stem-up open valve body. Attempting to use these with stem-up closed valve bodies will result in physical damage.

Barber Coleman also manufactures one of the best controllers in the world. Their Series 2000T and the Series 3000T are the most popular series of controllers. Some products available in Series 2000T are multi-loop controllers, high performance temperature controllers, environmental chamber controllers, package boiler controllers, high stability controllers, general-purpose controllers and humidity controllers. You can choose any product from the 2000 series. The available models are 2704, 2604, 2604/2704f, 2404, 2404f, 2408, 2408f, 2416, 2204e, among others.

Series 3000T includes the latest temperature controllers that have a user-friendly interface. The popular models in this series include 3504, 3508, 3204, 3208, and 3216.

Model 3216 is the latest controller that can be used in commercial and industrial operations and can also be used in chillers, packaging machines and trace heating. It has many new features like auto-tuning, universal inputs and the heating and cooling can be balanced by configuring the three outputs manually. The controllers and thermostats by Barber Coleman also have quick start codes, automated help features, auto-tune features, timer, and detection of heat failure. Other models and their features:

Model 3504 Temperature / Process Controller

  • Ideal for single & multi-zone ovens, furnaces and kilns, autoclaves & sterilisers, environmental chambers, valve positioning, flow dosing & feed systems
  • 5 digit display
  • iTools Graphical Wiring Editor
  • Setpoint programmer offers 200 individual program segments

Model 3508 Temperature / Process Controller

  • Ideal for single & multi-zone ovens, furnaces and kilns, autoclaves & sterilizers, environmental chambers, valve positioning, flow dosing & feed systems
  • 5 digit display
  • iTools Graphical Wiring Editor
  • Setpoint programmer offers 200 individual program segments

A leader in the manufacture of Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, Barber Coleman has well over a century's worth of experience to lean on. In this massive industry, they are one of the top ranked when it comes to the production of HVAC controllers and control boxes. They offer a number of parts including valves, controls, switches, sensors, dampers and actuators. Barber Coleman also manufactures damper motors, indicators, governors, alarms, and thermocouples. They are world-wide distributors, ready, willing, and able to service all types of parts centers and suppliers.

Undoubtedly leading in the world of heating, ventilation, and air are Barber Coleman actuators. The newest series contain control systems that are microprocessor based, adjustability of deadbands, and compatibility with various HVAC control valves. With so many innovative features, the EA Series actuators have proven their value to the HVAC community across the globe.

EA actuators are sturdy and built for quality. Planned for harsh operational conditions, the aluminum units are available in eight different types. They are generally used to heat treat a furnace, recovery systems, ovens, and cooling systems using water and oil.

Standard EA systems include both a gear operated crankshaft and a hydraulically run axial shaft actuator. Combined frequently with combustion air dampers and low, mid, and high torque rotary shafts with crankcams, applications requiring stabilized positions are well accommodated.

A number of models are NEMA 4, UL/CSA, or UL/Cul and designed for heavy work in severe environments. They have die-cast aluminum coverings with conduit knockouts, oil saturated motors, and hobbed gear trains. Auxiliary switches come standard with most models and as well as being totally compatible with a collection of valve bodies.

Barber Coleman's actuator album also includes linear stroke electric actuators, such as the CE sanctioned MF-63000 which affixes to the valve body itself, and rotary stroke box style actuators. These are the standard used for valves. Limited to actuators with a 180 degree stroke, the rotary movements are made linear by way of linkage equipment.

Besides actuators, Barber Coleman provides world-renowned controllers like their popular 2000T and 3000T series. The 2000T series includes many products like multi-loop controllers, temperature controllers, package boiler controllers, environmental chamber controllers, and humidity controllers. Meanwhile with its user-friendly system, the 3000T series has the latest in temperature control technology.

As the newest controller built for commercial and industrial use, the well-liked Model 3216 can be used with packaging machines, trace heating, and chillers. Packed with new elements like universal inputs and auto-tuning, the Model 3216 is a fitting illustration of the quality products from Barber Coleman.