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The Colman started from humble beginnings. It all began with one man’s genius and another man’s belief in that genius that helped the flourish from a simple idea into a successful HVAC manufacturer. The story of the began in late 1894, when a young engineer named Howard introduced his innovative inventions to one of Massachusetts’ wealthiest persons of that time, Mr. Walter . Impressed especially by a device used in the textile industry, which mechanically tied and trimmed knots (later called the hand-operated knotter), Walter agreed to back and invest in him financially with starting his own . It was then that the was born.

With more than a hundred years of providing quality service and top of the line products, the managed to reach the peak of the building , home and water industries. They manufacture a wide array of products, such as

  • sensors
  • Thermocouple
  • Thermostats
  • valves
  • motors
  • Valve repair kits
  • actuators
  • Dampers
  • Boxes
  • Switches
  • Alarms
  • Relays
  • Ignitors

They quickly became famous for their superior products, always keeping themself one step ahead of their competitors. The is still considered a giant in and HVAC appliances to this day, offering top-notch solutions for home, industrial or commercial needs.

One area where they made a particularly firm step forward is in temperature and process . Two of the most impressive ler are, the 2000TM and the 3000TM, both of which contain a large gamma of over 25 types of temperature , each with their own distinctive and unique features.

The 2000

Products from the 2000TM includes high performance temperature , multi-loop , multi-loop programmers, package boiler , humidity , environmental chamber , high stability and general purpose . The from these employ universal inputs and accept a vast range of modules and plug-ins for heating, cooling, air conditioning, refrigeration, analog retransmission and remote set-points. Some of the have PID valve , while others are motorized, thus both electrical and gas heating applications are favored. In addition, some models can be implemented with multi-zone programming, delivering master set-points to several client and holding back if heat levels deviate from more than a preset value.

The 3000

Products from the 3000TM consists of the latest range of temperature . These excel in interface user-friendliness, having the possibility to set up quick start codes, providing an automated help system and an auto-tune feature that make these less complicated and less user-reliant. Other features include a set-point programmer, heater failure detection and a timer. The more advanced product versions from the 3000 have even greater features. For example, the 3504 ler provides an Input/Output system (I/O system) that allows you to measure and a large amount of processes, ranging from carbon potential, humidity, flow, pressure, viscosity, temperature additive dosing and many more.

Actuator Motors

Another market where had some huge successes is the motor actuator market. With over 35 years of experience in the field, their actuators have become extremely sought-after and their time-tested quality was acclaimed by both commercial and industrial users. The new EA actuator takes performance to a whole new level with its microprocessor based system, the great potentiometer input, adjustable dead-band and its high compatibility with a large range of valves.

The microprocessor based integral route accepts voltage and resistance input indicators. overrides permit forcing the actuator to both ends and switch selectable stroke lengths are either of 90° or 180°. Different stroke lengths can be set using a plain pushbutton system. The default calibration of the direction of travel is 4 to 20mA and it is field selectable. Other ranges are switch selectable.

The standard EA of actuators contains both gear driven crankshaft and hydraulic powered axial shaft actuators. They may be used with combustion air dampers and a wide variety of low, medium and high torque rotary shaft valve bodies with crankarms. This can accommodate applications requiring position to be held or returned to normal position during power interruptions. Used for two position floating and proportional electric , these actuators are employed wherever it is desirable to move a load in either direction or to stop it at any point in the stroke.

EA actuators are well known for their robustness and quality of manufacture. Many models are NEMA 4, UL/cUL or UL/CSA and are made to operate in heavy-duty applications in severe environments. Mechanical features include high quality die-cast aluminum housings with conduit knockouts and reliable oil immersed motors and hobbed gear trains. Most models include an auxiliary switch as standard.

Other Product Fields of

Besides actuator motors and temperature , they have other product fields, including rail mountable (single or multi-loop), customizable panel , indicators and FM alarm units, SCR and SSR power , gas valves and digital communication networks.

Intelligence Automation System by Colman

Offering top-notch HVAC systems and superior engineering, Colman set standards in yet another market. With the Intelligence Automation System, you can now gather useful information about your building, assuring its safety, comfort and security. For example, a 3D view of the building’s HVAC infrastructure will point out the system’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to put more focus in the areas you wish developed or areas that are lacking adequate coverage by your heating, air conditioning and ventilation applications.

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