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Buy Barber Coleman Actuator Company

Barber Coleman Company is a business with more than a hundred years of providing quality servicing and top of the line products. They have managed to excel at manufacturing systems for building control, home control and water control industries. They are a leading global supplier of control, measurement and data recording solutions and services to industrial and process customers. The company’s international reputation as a provider of innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of vertical markets is supported by engineering services designed to realize greater benefits to customers’ plant-wide assets.

Barber Coleman is considered one of the top notch companies in control and HVAC appliances, offering quality solutions for home, industrial and commercial needs. They are specialists in the areas of actuators, with over 35 years of experience in the field. Their actuators have become extremely sought-after and their time-tested quality is acclaimed by both commercial and industrial users.

Their company has consistently remained above its competitors by providing its customers easy availability to the latest products in the market. Customer centric features and durability of the products ranging across the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems makes the company a leader in providing effective and high quality solutions. Their solutions, which are used by more than 40,000 clients in over 200,000 plants and facilities around the world, include control and measurement instrumentation; safety, critical and distributed control systems; a wide range of real-time operations management software, and professional services. Barber Coleman offers a wide variety of actuators like:

  • Pneumatic Actuators

A pneumatic actuator converts energy (in the form of compressed air, typically) into motion. A Pneumatic actuator mainly consists of a piston, a cylinder, and valves or ports. Barber Coleman offers a full line of pneumatic actuators ranging from 3 in2 to 100 in2 for a wide range of damper and VB-7000 valve applications.

  • Hydraulic actuators

Pneumatic actuators are normally used to control processes requiring quick and accurate response, as they do not require a large amount of motive force. However, when a large amount of force is required to operate a valve (for example, the main steam system valves), hydraulic actuators are normally used. Barber Coleman offers accepting 2-position, floating, and proportional input control signals for both damper and VB-7000 valve applications.

  • Electric Gear Train Actuators

Barber Coleman offers electric actuators ranging from 16 lb.-in. to 1300 lb.-in torque, accepting 2-position, floating, and proportional input control signals, used for damper and valve applications.

Linear Stroke Electric Actuators

Linear stroke electric actuators such as the CE approved MF-63000 series mount directly on the valve body. No linkage is required for valves of 2 inch or smaller size. These are floating control units that stay in position when power is removed. The MF-63123 can be converted to full proportional control with the addition of a plug-in analog input board.

Rotary Stroke Box Style Actuators

Rotary stroke actuators such as the cUL approved EA series box style units are the most common form used for valves. The rotary action is converted to a linear stroke by the linkage kit. Only actuators with a 180° stroke can be used. These actuators must be coupled to a stem-up open valve body. Attempting to use these with stem-up closed valve bodies will result in physical damage.

EA series actuators are renowned for their sturdiness and quality. Designed to thrive in harsh environments, Barber-Colman Co.’s aluminum actuators come in eight different series all available from HVAC Plus. The typical functions of the EA series actuators include:

  • Heat-treat furnaces and recovery systems
  • Water and oil cooling systems
  • Ovens

Barber Coleman kits are available for low, medium and high torque actuators. Parts for the EA series actuators are 51-00370-000-0-00 and 55-21370. Other actuator parts include:

  • ea72
  • ea57
  • ea55
  • ea51

Actuators may use different linkage kits, depending on the valve body to which the actuator is coupled. The available linkage kits for a particular combination of valve body and actuator is defined in the Valve Assembly Tables available at the Barber Coleman website.

Whether you're a technician in schools, hospitals or nursing homes, you understand the importance of having a properly-operating HVAC unit to ensure that temperatures remain comfortable throughout a building or complex. However, when a unit needs servicing, you want to ensure that you use only the best components in order to avoid repeated servicing of the troubled unit. This is where HVAC Plus can help with Barber Coleman replacement parts. With over a hundred years of service under its belt, they have a reputation as a world-leading supplier of innovative solutions across a broad market.

If you're in need of an actuator, the Barber Coleman company can help. Understanding the importance of a properly maintained HVAC unit, any replacement part you order is built to an exacting specification that serves to provide you with years of service without the need to service the parts you've replaced. All too often, many technicians will replace a broken or worn component with a replacement that fails quickly. Not only does this waste time, but it also greatly increases the amount of downtime that particular unit will have.

Offering both industrial and commercial solutions for nearly any application, HVAC Plus can provide you with a replacement from the Barber Coleman Company that will get you back up and running in no time. Offering many replacement parts as well as a wide array of actuators to bring the comfort back to your living space or work area, they have exactly what you need. With pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators and electric gear train actuators as well as linear stroke electric and rotary stroke box style actuators built to the highest standards, your needed maintenance time will decrease significantly.

While maintenance in areas such as schools and hotels can often take a little longer while working on a solution to a problem, those who maintain systems responsible for heating and cooling an area such as a hospital or nursing home must be able to remedy the problem quickly and effectively. With temperature being a vital part of hospital stays and nursing home resident's health, the less maintenance that is required, the better. By using replacement actuators from Barber Coleman Company, you'll ensure that the residents will be happy that their unit is always working efficiently.

For applications in harsher environments, an EA series actuator is your best bet. Designed to operate effectively in a harsh environment, Barber Coleman Company's aluminum actuators will be more than adequate for any heat-treat furnace and recovery system, water or oil cooling system, or ovens. Regardless of what type of actuator you're in need of, Barber Coleman Company guarantees you a quality product that will last a long time in almost any condition.