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Magnetek was formed in 1984 through the acquistion of Litton Industries' Magnetics Group. During the 1980s, the Company acquired a number of other electrical equipment companies, and in 1991 joined forces with Plessey S.p.A., Europe's largest independent manufacturer of electronic power supplies for computers. During the 1990s, Magnetek divested its electrical equipment operations in order to focus exclusively on digital power-electronics. Today, Magnetek provides custom and industry-standard power components and systems for applications ranging from the Power Grid to the Internet. With annual revenues exceeding $200 million, it ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of digital power electronic power supplies, converters, inverters, rectifiers, regulators and controls. The Company also builds programmable power control systems based on these components, and is a leading provider of power conditioners for fuel cells and other alternative energy sources. Magnetek's power products are used in data processing and data storage, telecom and datacom, medical and commercial imaging, semiconductor processing and testing, materials handling, people moving, "smart" appliances, distributed power generation and other applications requiring controllable, reliable, energy-efficient power. Magnetek operates ISO-certified research and manufacturing facilities and markets its products through leading distributors in North America, Europe and Asia.

MAGNETEK motors provide the rotating power used in industrial, commercial and residential systems; they power a wide range of equipment like swimming pool pumps, exercise treadmills, air conditioners, air compressors, exhaust fans, conveyors and elevators - to name a few.

Similarly, MagneTek generators are known for their reliability and durability in providing primary and standby power for hospitals, telecommunications, construction, utilities, retail centers and more!

Look around. You'll find hard-working MagneTek motors and generators on-the-job making your life easier and more comfortable!


In 1984, the company known as Magnetek was officially founded. This occurred because of the acquisition that was made with the Magnetics Group of Litton Industries. In the 1980s, there were a number of other companies that were acquired that specialized in electrical equipment. These companies also combined with the company known as Plessey S.p.A. in 1991. This company is a producer of computer supplies that conduct electronic power, and the company is the largest of this type on the continent of Europe. During the decade that followed, Magnetek decided to spend its resources focusing on equipment that provides digital and electronic power, taking the focus off of the electrical equipment market. At this point in time, Magnetek offers these components as part of an industry standard, with applications that affect wide-ranging information and power structures like the Internet and the nation's electrical grid. The have hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue every year, and this company is ranked on similar levels with other influential and important companies that manufacture converters, rectifiers, regulators, power supplies for electronics, and controls. There are also a number of systems that the company constructs, including systems of power control that can be programmed. These are based on some of the parts named above, and Magnetek also excels at providing support to the fuel cell industry, by creating power conditioners for this field, in addition to other green or alternative fuels. The products that Magnetek builds include those that aid in processing data and the storage of data, and also datacom and telecom products. Other products that Magnetek builds include those that have a role in commercial imaging and imaging that is done for medical purposes. The testing and processing of semiconductors is another process that these products are built for. They also have a hand in appliances that fall under the "smart" category, the moving of people, and the handling of materials. Other fields affected by Magnetek products include the generation of distributed power, and energy that is efficient, dependable, and controllable. Their facilities are certified by the ISO, and the distributors that sell Magnetek's products are some of the most reputable on the continents of Europe, Asia, and North America.

The motors made by Magnetek are the driving rotating force behind many systems used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. There is a vast amount of equipment that is powered by Magnetek motors. This equipment includes pumps for swimming pools, air compressors and conditioners, treadmills for exercise, and fans that are used for exhaust purposes. Other devices include elevators and conveyers.

Magnetek also produces dependable and long-lasting generators, which offer front-line and backup support for retail locations, offices, telecommunication, utility and construction sites, and hospitals, just to point out a small amount.

Just take a look at all of the equipment that surrounds you. Chances are several of these devices are powered by Magnetek motors and Magnetek generators, which increase the comfort and ease of your life and the life of everyone around you.