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Buy Ge Blower Motor

From residential furnace to commercial air moving applications, Hvacplus.com offers a full line of motor products to suit the needs of the customer. The standard of GE blower motor is NEMA 48 and 56 frame motors have been industry leaders for many years, and provide quiet, comfortable, and reliable operations. This GE Blower motor presented by the hvacplus.com shows some features and benefits: This GE blower motor has a multi-speed operation which optimizes its efficiency. The shafts of GE blower motor are standardized and can easily allow the operations with many different blower wheels. Motors are available with quick-connect terminals for easy installation. Many different blower motors mountings are compatible, including the belly brands, resilient base, standard lug mount, or GE’s special Torsion Flex lugs. The GE blower motors are good at moisture resistance and line transient suppression. This product serves the indoor blower market for almost all residential HVAC systems and many commercial air distribution systems. The wide speed range of GE blower motor, high efficiency and programmability give them virtually unlimited range of performance characteristics, which results in a highly reliable, field proven, convenient package.


Those working in the HVAC industry understand how important motors are. Whether they are used in industrial, commercial or residential environments, motors supply the energy needed for a number of HVAC components. At HVACPLUS, we make stocking the best motors a priority, and those who need to use advanced motors will find options available in our store as well. Here are a few facts about GE blower motor systems and some information for those who may want to buy GE blower motor parts and spares.

GE's standard blower motor, the NEMA 48, is a frame motor that has been in the industry for years. Similar in design is the NEMA 56 frame motor, which offers slightly more features and similar functionality. These two blower motors have been hailed for providing reliability, quiet operation and comfortable environments. Further, these motors can provide multi-speed operation, which can be used to find optimum efficiency. The shafts used in these motors are standardized, which can allow them to be used with a number of blower wheels. Further, the standardization makes them easy to install and replace.

GE blower motors are also hailed for their ability to absorb moisture. While GE blower motors are widely lauded for their capabilities in indoor, residential environments, they can also serve commercial air distribution needs as well. Available in a wide range of speeds, GE blower motors can offer the best efficiency in the HVAC industry. Further, programmatic features give them a virtually limitless range of settings that can be used to maximize performance in all environments.

We offer a number of mountings for compatible blowers. Popular options include standard lug mounts, GE's torsion flex lugs, resilient base mounts and belly brand mounts. Because GE specializes in standardize parts, their products often work with a variety manufacturers and in standard mount systems. In addition, their parts are great for custom solutions as they have been engineered to be easy to modify. While their products work well in standard installations, they truly excel when some extra customization or modification is necessary.

At HVACPLUS, we are proud to offer a wide range of GE products. Our experience in the industry has taught us that it is impossible to go wrong with GE spares and replacements, and those who want to buy GE blower motor parts will have plenty of options with us. We can also be reached at (215) 525-1119 if you need a custom quote, and we can give you some advice if you are not sure which parts you want. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.