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Buy GE Motors

Hvacplus.com recognizes all the requirements of the consumer which is related to GE electric motors. Electric motors are the workhorse of the industry. Many applications exist where more than one motor can be used or the exact replacement is not available. Electric motors, ac motors and dc motors, come in many shapes and sizes. Some are standardized electric motors for general-purpose applications. Other GE electric motors are intended for specific tasks. Hvacplus.com can provide all type of electric motors. In any case, GE electric motors should be selected to satisfy the dynamic requirements of the machines on which they are applied without exceeding rated electric motor temperature. Thus, the first and most important step in electric motor selection is determining load characteristics -- torque and speed versus time. Electric motor selection is also based on mission goals, power available, and cost. Hvacplus.com assures to provide the reliable product according to the requirement of the consumer.


Contractors buy GE motors when they want a quality motor with a proven track record of reliability and performance. General Electric has been making the industry's best motors for more than 100 years. GE motors are manufactured in AC and DC types, single-phase for simple applications and poly-phase motors for advanced systems. Today, GE motors are hard at work in millions of homes and businesses around the world.

GE motors are the gold standard in the HVAC industry. You can buy GE motors for all types of HVAC systems. When you shop HVAC Plus for the motor you need, you'll find the right type, capacity, performance and power. We're the leading supplier of General Electric motors to the HVAC industry and many other industries where quality electric motors are in high demand.

GE makes some of the best blower motors in the world. They offer outstanding durability and performance. GE makes single-speed blowers that are very affordable. They are used by manufacturers in their low-cost furnaces. For example, Carrier may use them in its Comfort and Base lines, Lennox may use them in its Merit Series and Trane may use them in its XR Series furnaces. Single-speed motors run at full capacity through the entire cycle. Multispeed blower motors offer more comfortable heating and cooling. They start slow and ramp up to full capacity in the middle of the cycle before slowing down again.

Variable-speed blower motors from GE produce the most comfortable indoor climates. They are used in the best furnaces such as the Carrier Infinity, Lennox Signature and Trane XL Series furnaces. They match the performance of two-stage or modulating gas valve to heat very gently. You can buy GE motors in fractional horsepower sizes for most furnaces and air handlers used in residential installations.

GE Motors are also used as draft inducer motors in furnaces to push hot combustion gases through the system. They are built into many ventilator systems including heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators. They are relied upon to exchange fresh air for stale air while keeping pressure balanced within the home or building. HVAC contractors buy GE motors for use as replacement motors in condensing units too. They drive the fan that helps cool the condensing coil during an air conditioner cycle.

You can buy GE Motors for all these applications and many more right here on HVAC Plus. Our selection and low prices attract contractors to HVAC Plus. Our great service and prompt, secure shipping earn HVAC Plus their repeat business. Buy GE motors from HVAC Plus today, and you'll see why we're the preferred choice of professionals for HVAC replacement parts.