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Earlier Electric Motors run at one speed for heating and another speed for cooling and sometimes a third speed for two-stage systems. This speed limitation meant the motors would run at full load amp draw all the time, even during off-demand cycles for the heating/cooling systems. In addition to using more energy, the limitations on speed control meant the fan noise levels from the heating/cooling systems were higher as the motors were always running on high speed. Hvacplus.com displays the variety of ECM GE Motors which shows a great efficiency in work and it saves the inventory of the consumer. It has many characteristics shown below:• New GE Variable Speed ECM Motor Technology The new family of ECM motors offers many possibilities for integrating new capabilities into all types of air moving and air handling products. Their wide speed range, high efficiency and programmability give them a virtually unlimited range of performance characteristics. The new ECM motors by GE offer many benefits and features, some of them are: • Programmable ECM Motor Controls Programming options for the ECM 2.3 motors include; rotation direction, start/stop ramp rates, on/off blower delays and many other functions all stored in the motor's microprocessor. • Ultra-High Efficiency At full load the ECM motor is 20% more efficient than a standard induction motor. When running at lower speeds, such as airflow in off-demand mode in an air handler, the ECM motors use up to 50% less energy than induction motors. In addition, the permanent magnet, DC design allows the ECM Motors to maintain its efficiency over its wide speed range. • ECM Dual-Voltage The 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, & 1 Hp motors can be used for 120v or 230 volt applications. There is also a separate model for 277-volt applications.


Contact Us: Phone: (800) 431-3137 or "Request A Motor Quote"

The ECM motor is now one of the most important types of motor for use in residential HVAC systems. You can buy ECM GE motor models for gas furnaces, oil furnaces and air handlers from many of today's leading HVAC brands.

How an ECM GE Motor is Different

The abbreviation ECM stands for electronically commutated motor, and GE has been a leader in the field of ECM motors since the very beginning. ECM motors use less energy because the amps they are consuming at any one time is adjusted to meet the performance demands of the motor. If, for example, it is a variable-speed motor running on low output capacity, it will use less energy than when running at full capacity. it might surprise some, but motors didn't always do this. For decades, furnace motors would run at full amps all the time regardless of the function they were performing at the time.

These innovative, energy-efficient motors are becoming very popular as homeowners and business owners look for practical ways to reduce both energy use and energy costs. HVAC pros buy ECM GE motor parts and assemblies for replacements, giving their customers an attractive option to energy-wasting standard blower motors.

A second advantage of GE ECM motors is that they run more quietly when not using as much energy. Running on low capacity to support the first stage of a two-stage furnace or heat pump will make significantly less noise than when running at full capacity.

Where GE ECM Motors are Used

ECM motors are now widely used in furnaces, air handlers, large AHUs and ventilators. All of the leading HVAC brands use ECM motors in their components. These brands include Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Heil, Rheem, Lennox, Amana and York.

In a furnace or air handler supporting a heat pump, a GE ECM motor will reduce energy and noise. A variable-speed blower motor will adjust speed to support a modulating or two-stage furnace, air conditioner or heat pump. The output of the motor will match that of the other component in order to maximize climate control and comfort. Multispeed and single-speed GE ECM motors are also produced.

When you want quality and performance, buy ECM GE motor assemblies and parts from HVAC Plus. We carry a complete line of replacement motors that will provide a universal fit to a vast array of HVAC components. When you buy ECM GE motor assemblies from us, you'll also enjoy some of the lowest prices found online or from local suppliers. We're here to help you succeed, so place your order today, and it will be promptly be on its way.