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Buy Condenser Fan Ge Motor

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Hvacplus.com introduces the most general Condenser Fan GE Motor system which in useful for many commercial purposes. GE Industrial Systems is the industry leader for producing motor products for condenser fan and heat pump applications. Recent additions to the condenser fan and heat pump motor markets include a redesigned NEMA 42 frame Vision motor and a sub 42 frame motor (95 mm) which both utilize a cap/can design over the standard shell and end shield design. Hvacplus.com presents these condenser fans with the same efficiency. Here are some features and benefits of the condenser fan general electric motor which is presented by hvacplus.com. Condenser Fan motors can be used in vertical applications with the shaft facing either an upward or downward direction. Standard shaft flats easily allow operation with many different condenser fans or blower wheels. Motors are available with quick-connect terminals for easy installation. Many different fan motor mountings are compatible, including belly bands, resilient rings, a resilient base, standard lug mount, or GE's special Torsion Flex lugs.


Contact Us: Phone: (800) 431-3137 or "Request A Motor Quote"

GE motors may be the most reliable in the world. They are certainly the most popular. GE motors like condenser fan GE motor assemblies are used throughout the HVACR industry in a wide array of applications. Contractors and technicians buy condenser fan GE motor assemblies and parts to return the systems to dependable working condition. When you buy condenser fan GE motor parts and assemblies from HVAC Plus, you'll find the exact parts you need. Our prices beat online competition and what you'll find from local suppliers. Here's an overview of the types of GE condenser fan motor parts and assemblies we offer our thousands of customers in the HVACR trades.

GE Condenser Fan Motors

These are certified replacement parts for many different HVAC brands including Trane and American Standard. GE makes them in the horsepower capacities and RPMs required for diverse condensing units. When in use, GE fan motors offer reliable cooling to the condensing coil. Hot refrigerant returns to the coil to cool. The heat radiates through the copper tubing into the plates where it is released through the coil's fins.

The condenser fan assists by pulling fresh air in through the sides of the condensing unit. The air helps to dissipate the heat as it is pushed up and out of the condensing unit. The fan forces the air upwards, so that it does not damage nearby plants or reenter the home. Buy condenser fan GE motor parts and assemblies to meet the exact specifications of the system it will serve, and you'll get long-term cooling you can trust during the hottest weather.

General Electric condenser fan motors are the right choice for residential split systems and packaged systems. Manufacturers trust them in commercial and industrial systems too. They have a proven reputation for reliable, consistent performance that enhances the efficiency of the systems they serve.

GE condenser fan motors are also used in residential and commercial refrigeration. They serve the same purpose in these models as they do in heating and air conditioning systems. When refrigerant draws heat out of the refrigerated space, the heat is released in the condensing coils. The GE condensing fan motor disperses the heat.

Our customers buy condenser fan GE motor assemblies and parts from HVAC Plus because they want the best deals and selection available. Place your order for General Electric condenser fan motors and parts today, and our prompt shipping will have your order to your door as quickly as possible.