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Buy Climate Master Parts

ClimateMaster is focused on enhancing business and home environments around the world. Such is the mission of the world’s largest and most progressive leader in the water source industry.

Millions of people use the equipment built by ClimateMaster at home or at work. Products built by the ClimateMaster provide comfort for buildings like Prudential Tower, Rockefeller Plaza, Trump Plaza, Neff Schools, Marriott Hotels, Sunrise Assisted Living facilities… even the Arco Arena.

Located in Oklahoma City, ClimateMaster has spent the last 50 years focusing on the research, development, manufacturing, and sale of the most advanced water source heat pump systems.

ClimateMaster emerged from the marriage of several water source heat pump companies - including California Heat Pump and Friedrich ClimateMaster. Blending those strengths into a focused organization, ClimateMaster transformed a simple concept into the finest heating and cooling systems available today.

Top-to-bottom quality control programs allow ClimateMaster to manufacture the finest products on the market. This process begins with the unique automated Integrated Process Control System (ECI), which coordinates 100 tests on each and every ClimateMaster unit. Running through this system, each unit receives a report card, assuring installers and owners of quality-built equipment.

Enhancing the success of the ECI system is a fully integrated, process management approach to manufacturing.

ClimateMaster is known as the leader in the water source industry. Their latest development is the complete re-engineering of the commercial and residential lines, resulting in a new, state-of-the art product line. The Genesis line reflects an entirely new concept that is affordable, flexible, and offers customers the features they have come to expect. ClimateMaster offers the most comprehensive product line available, allowing customers to design and install dedicated systems in a wide variety of projects.

The facility includes a Customer Service Center where trained representatives assist customers with everything from order entry to linking them with Technical Support and Inside Sales Design team.

Product advancements… State of the art construction… Quality control… Installation flexibility… Customer focus. These characteristics are the foundation of ClimateMaster. Genesis Compact (GC) Package Unit is an ideal drop-in replacement for hundreds of thousands of older water source heat pumps.

GR (high) and GS (ultra-high) efficiency units are offered in eleven sizes, four horizontal and four vertical air flow patterns.

Vertical Stack (816) Unit is ideally suited for multi=floor applications such as hotels, apartments, condominiums, and schools.

Other products built by ClimateMaster are used to provide zoned heating/cooling without wall penetration, to generate potable hot and cold water, to offer air conditioning for large facilities etc.

Also, the company builds residential products used for heating applications such as radiant floors, baseboards and fan coil heating/cooling and refrigerators units with dual compressors to meet all the requirements of the customers.

Another great appliance of ClimateMater is a geothermal heating and cooling system. This way your lawn becomes a permanent power plant for your home. You’ll enjoy the benefits of the most comfortable, reliable, energy and cost efficient heating, cooling, and water heating system available on the market today.

Their website is located at http://www.climatemaster.com/ where you can find out more details about the company, the products they sell and also, find descriptions of replacement parts, new technologies implemented by the company, and news about ClimateMaster.


ClimateMaster is an innovative HVAC company pursuing next-generation water-source heat pump technology. The company is the offspring of a merger between Friedrich ClimateMaster and California Heat Pump. With more than 50 years of experience in those companies, ClimateMaster is well-positioned to lead the industry toward more effective water-source heat pump technology that reduces energy use while cutting utility costs.

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ClimateMaster is a leader in the water-source field, but it makes outstanding geothermal, ground-source systems too. They offer reliable, efficient performance by using the natural heat of the earth during a heating cycle and by dumping heat underground during cooling cycles. The consistent ambient temperature of the ground speeds heating and air conditioning. Here is an overview of this brands systems. You can buy Climate Master parts for all of these systems right here. Search by brand or part number, and you'll quickly locate what you need. If you don't, contact us, and we'll be glad to help.

ClimateMaster Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP)

ClimateMaster WSHP systems move heat very efficiently. These are residential HVAC systems that dramatically reduce energy use and costs. ClimateMaster uses closed-loop technology to cycle water for heating and cooling purposes. A packaged heat pump with reversing valve technology alternately draws heat from the water or transfers heat to the water through a refrigerant-to-water coaxial heat exchanger. In very cold weather, auxiliary heat is provided to the system using an energy-efficient fluid heater attached to the closed loop.

ClimateMaster Geothermal Heat Pumps

A variety of loop configurations are used for ClimateMaster ground-source heat pump systems. Earth loops can be designed to fit the available space and the condition of the soil. ClimateMaster offers a 25-year warranty on the loops, a warranty that is among the best in the industry. Vertical loops require deeply-bored holes. They are typically used where horizontal square footage is limited. The loops reach an average depth of 250 feet.

Horizontal loops are a better choice where more open land is available. Trenches 4'-6' are dug for the loops which can then be covered by turf, a parking lot or other use of the land. Lake hoops take advantage of the consistent temperatures in waters, and open loops are used in systems using a well to provide fresh water as a heat source and heat dump.

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