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From 1975 Century was purchased by Heat Controller.

Heat Controller, Inc. was founded in 1933 and was originally located in Montpelier, Ohio following the formation of the Winger Furnace Company in 1907. The company was involved in the manufacture of coal-, oil-, and gas-fired furnaces and moved to Manitou Beach, Michigan in 1949. In 1955, Heat Controller was sold to the current owners and moved to the new plant in Jackson, Michigan. The company shifted its production emphasis from furnaces in that year to room air conditioners, central air conditioning, and dehumidifiers under the Comfort-Aire® brand name.

In the late 1960s, Heat Controller restructured its furnace line centering on residential gas-fired and oil-fired furnaces while still maintaining a primary emphasis on the air conditioning portion of the business. In 1975 Heat Controller acquired the Century® brand name and assets and incorporated its product offering and market distribution into the Heat Controller family. Century's history dates back to 1917 and continues today to offer a complete line of residential heating and air conditioning products.

The company produces two ranges of products:

Residential among which: Air Cleaners, Air Handlers, Central Air Conditioning, Gas Furnaces, Geothermal/Water Source, Heat Pumps, Mini-Split Systems, Oil Furnaces, Packaged Equipment, Packaged Terminal Air and Conditioners. Commercial among which: Air Handlers, Commercial Oil/Gas Furnaces, Condensing Units, Packaged A/C, Packaged Wall Mount, Roof Mounted, Split Heat Pump and Water to Air Heat Pump.

The Company's principal activity is the manufacturing of heaters, furnaces, heat pumps and air-conditioners, fans, electric coating facilities and factory automation machinery.

The Energy Knight whole home electronic air filtering system is the perfect air cleaner to provide home owners an electronic air filter for easy duct mounting with central forced air systems. The Energy Knight will remove up to 95% of airborne particles such as dirt, dust pollen and second hand tobacco smoke. The Energy Knight electric air cleaners also help to reduce harmful bacteria, viruses and dust mites that contribute to medical illness. The Energy Knight electric air cleaner is available in two sizes HEAC1400(1400CFM) and HEAC2000(2000CFM).

The Energy Knight® line of efficient central air conditioning features the newest advances in technology to provide a comfortable environment. The Energy Knight provides S.E.E.R. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings) levels ranging from 10.0 to 12.0. The higher the number, the less you pay in operating costs - saving money while increasing your comfort. In addition to the enjoyment of cooler, quieter, cleaner living all summer long, nothing adds value to your home like central air conditioning. And Energy Knight air conditioning is one of the most reliable systems you can buy.

Every air conditioner is designed with your comfort in mind. The finest materials and computerized design assures long lasting performance and reliability.

Energy Knight® Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) provide comfort with individual heating and cooling temperature controls all year long. These units are designed for a wide range of applications and are ideal for hotels, motels, office buildings, schools, apartments, and nursing homes. All Energy Knight® PTAC's feature state-of-the-art technology to minimize energy usage by reducing air infiltration. The result is maximum operation efficiency and a more comfortable room.

Energy Knight® PTAC units are designed with innovative and universal components. They feature great installation flexibility whether in new construction, renovation or for replacement of competitor units. Energy Knight® PTAC's range in capacity from 7,000 to 15,000 BTUH. They are available in either air conditioning or heat pump configurations. All models include electric heat standard. The unit is perfectly suited for new construction and replacement applications with universal 16x42 chassis design.

All Seasons Heat Pumps are designed to meet the comfort, efficiency and cost-savings requirements of contractors and home owners. They are available in 10 SEER and 12 SEER models, from 1-1/2 to 5 tons.

Their website is located at http://www.heatcontroller.com/ and there you can find the company history, “What’s new” section to find the latest news, a Products section to find the specification for the products, Tech Parts section, contact us with a form where you can send emails with questions and also a representatives section so that you can locate your nearest distributor.


Century Motors was founded almost a century ago, in 1917. Today it offers a complete line of heating and air conditioning products. Century was purchased by Heat Controller, Inc. in 1975. Heat Controller, Inc. was founded in 1933. It is well-known for its ComfortAire line of HVAC products.

Century manufactures a wide range of units under the "Energy Knight" name. It produces heat pumps, air conditioners, air cleaners, and commercial PTAC units.

Century manufacures the Energy Knight line of residential electronic air filtering systems. Energy Knight units are readily duct-mounted for use in central forced-air systems. The system removes up to 95 percent of airborne particles, including dirt, dust, pollen, and second-hand smoke.

Energy Knight electric air cleaners help to reduce illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. Two sizes are available: the HEAC1400 and the HEAC2000.

Energy Knight central air units feature sophisticated advances in air conditioning. SEER ratings range from 10.0 to 12.0. Higher SEER ratings mean lower energy costs.

The company also manufactures Energy Knight PTAC units. These packaged terminal air conditioners offer individual heating and cooling temperature controls for true all-season comfort. PTACs are popular in office buildings, schools, apartments, nursing homes, motels, and hotels. By minimizing the need for air infiltration, these state-of-the-art units minimize energy usage while maximizing comfort.

These commercial units are designed for true ease-of-installation in both new and existing construction. The Energy Knight line of PTACs come in a range of capacities from 7,000 to 15,000 BTUH. Select from straight air conditioning or heat pump designs. The series offers the convenience of a universal 16x42 chassis.

The line of All Seasons heat pumps offer capacities ranging from 1.5 to 5-tons. They are available in two SEER ratings -- 10.0 and 12.0. These energy-efficient heat pumps offer the convenience of all-season heating and cooling.

More information about Century products and other offerings from Heat Controller, Inc. can be found at heatcontroller.com. There's a "what's new" section that features the latest HVAC news. There is also a convenient "Tech Parts" section that offers valuable assistance in dealing with repairs and installations. In general, the site offers a wealth of information about Century motors for HVAC use. It also includes up-to-date information about the complete line of Century products.

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