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Buy Carrier Temperature Zoning Systems

The undisputed leader of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) marketplace, Carrier has reached global recognition and immense prestige with the help of their innovative and efficient heating and temperature control systems. Temperature zoning, although a relatively new market segment (compared to air conditioning, refrigeration and other “traditional” HVAC segments), has bloomed in the last few decades and more and more HVAC manufacturers have started to focus on temperature zoning control, due to the high demand from home users and contractors alike.

A temperature zoning system requires special HVAC components and offers some of the best at the moment. Basically, what a zoning system does is separate temperature settings for each room or for each zone of your residential, commercial, office or small industrial environment. Zoning considerations are based on household use, where the rooms are located along with their relation to each other as well as how much sunlight the rooms typically receive during the day.

Here is a short example so you can better understand what zoning is all about. Let’s say you have a two story house and you have a family of 5: your wife, two children and your parents living in the same house. Your wife spends a lot of her time in the living room and needs a warm temperature level so she can be comfortable. Your parents are quite sensitive to cold, so they need a hotter temperature level in their room and finally, your kids who spend a lot of their time playing ping-pong and pool in the family room; they like it to be cooler so they can feel refreshed.

With a normal temperature control system, they would all have to withstand the same climate indoors, which would be uncomfortable for some of your family members. However, with a zoning system, satisfying each family member’s temperature needs is as easy as the click of a button. You can create a zone for your parent’s bedroom where it is warmer than the rest of the house, a zone for the living room where your wife will need a slightly different temperature and a cooler zone for the family room, so your kids will feel fully refreshed. As you can see, zoning systems are not only extremely useful, but they provide an unprecedented level of comfort for all family members differing climate needs.

Temperature zoning systems come in the three main Carrier series offered by the manufacturer: Infinity, Performance and Comfort. The Infinity Zone Control thermostat can control furnaces, fan coils, air conditioners and heat pumps as well as other alternative comfort and temperature control devices such as humidistats, ultra violet lights or filtration products. With this kind of thermostat, you can create up to 8 different zones; more than the industry’s average Zoning thermostat, which provides about 2 or 3 different zoning possibilities. The Infinity Series Zoning Thermostat comes with a fully packed 5 year limited parts warranty.

The Performance Series Zoning System uses the Comfort Zone technology, which provides great temperature control over zones in your home with the push of a button. A single control gives you the ability to fine-tune your home's comfort exactly to your needs. The zoning system also uses Ideal Humidity technology, which allows you to monitor and adjust your home’s humidity and air vapor levels. The Smart Recovery feature makes sure each zone reaches its set temperature by starting your system ahead of schedule, in order to ensure you get the system’s comfort right on time. If you program the controller to start the heating process at 6 PM when leave from work, by the time you actually walk through the door the zoning system has already heated your house.

In the end, the Comfort Zoning Systems are especially built to give you the ability to divide your home comfort zones in three distinct temperature settings, with the use of a single controller. The Smart Recovery feature makes sure each zone reaches its set temperature by starting your system ahead of schedule, in order to ensure you get the system’s comfort right on time. With Comfort Series Three-Zone technology, you can deliver conditioned air when and where you need it most, increasing system efficiency and helping to reduce utility costs. These models come with a 5 year warranty.

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Over recent decades, temperature control systems have emerged to improve comfort and to save energy. Such systems are commonly used in newer commercial facilities and residential housing. Both contractors and property owners increasingly demand the sophistication of modern temperature control systems.

Such systems establish zones that are heated and/or cooled separately. In residences, a zone is typically an individual room. In office buildings and industrial settings, zones are often highly customized to account for different HVAC needs in different spaces.

Carrier temperature zoning systems feature programmability that can closely track the lifestyle and work habits of a buildings' occupants. Systems also consider the location of rooms relative to each other and how air flows between them. Such systems can even account for how much sunlight each room receives during the day.

Carrier occupies a respected place in the global HVAC marketplace. Carrier offers traditional heating, cooling, and refrigeration products. It now also addresses the needs of the emerging temperature zoning control market.

With such a customizable system, building occupants no longer have to live in a "one size fits all" environment. An elderly occupant who is more sensitive to temperature can enjoy one level of comfort. Kids actively enjoying their play area can have fun in an environment maintained at a lower temperature.

Carrier temperature zoning systems are available in each of the company's three primary HVAC systems -- the Infinity, Performance, and Comfort lines.

Carrier Infinity Temperature Control

The Infinity Zone Control thermostat is extremely versatile because it allows the creation of up to eight different zones. A typical zone control thermostat only offers two or three zones.

Such Infinity thermostats can control a wide array of devices, including furnaces, air conditioners, fan coils, UV lights, and humidistats. Such controllers are also used with a variety of air filtration units.

The Infinity series zone thermostats are backed by a five-year limited parts warranty.

Carrier Performance Temperature Control

The Performance series temperature control system uses Carrier's "Comfort Zone" technology. Unprecedented control over varied zones in the home is maintained with the mere push of a button.

The system offers the added advantage of Carrier's "Ideal Humidity" technology. Temperature is controlled, and humidity levels are controlled as well. Finally, the "Smart Recovery" feature assures that desired temperatures will be reached in various zones accurately and on schedule.

Carrier Comfort Temperature Control

From a single controller, three different comfort zones can be maintained. Efficiency and comfort are both further improved by Carrier's "Smart Recovery" feature. Each zone reaches the desired temperature right on schedule because the system is started ahead of time. The result is that the temperature can increase or decrease smoothly to achieve the desired result. Heated or cooled air is always delivered where it is needed most. The Comfort series three-zone controller comes with a five-year limited parts warranty.

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